The importance of SMS Marketing will only grow

SMS Marketing has successfully outperformed competition against traditional marketing platforms such as TVs and radios. But a new challenge is ahead, which is rivaling other mainstreams marketing channels nowadays, especially social media.

While it is true that SMS and social media can both be used to complete each other in a company’s marketing strategy, there is still some sort of competition between them when it comes to putting money on the table. Should you spend cash on ad campaigns on social media or should you reach out your customers with SMS texts?

The fact that the debate has gone to this point, can only mean one thing. The platforms that are easy to access via mobile are by far outperforming the non-mobile-friendly ones. Today, the number of mobile users it at an all-time high, whereas the number of people who tune into TV and radios on a constant basis is at an all-time low. The rise of mobile phone users will only continue to grow according to all stats, as people become more and more dependent on mobiles to perform their daily tasks: from transactions, to communication, to interactions etc.

How can the user’s mobile dependence be translated in terms of SMS Marketing? Well, the answer is pretty obvious. Today, people keep their mobile to them as close as possible. Even when they don’t have time to log into their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts to navigate over their timelines and read the latest posts, they will still carefully pay attention to literally any notification that appears on their mobile’s screen. People are curious enough to view every single notification; most of them would rather see notifications than their screen being empty. It gives them a certain feeling of satisfaction, in the sense that “I am receiving said notification because said person was thinking of me” – in a way or the other.

This is clearly translated in the fact that SMS messages have an open rate of over 95%. When you are so sure that your message will reach the desire recipients, and that they will actually bother to read it, then you have no reason to not use SMS Marketing into your advantage.

Moreover, a businessman will always rather receive marketing promotions on formal platforms rather than make the effort to search for them on Facebook and Twitter. Most people find these paid ads annoying and are constantly looking for ways to filter them out. Whereas when it comes to SMS Marketing, a neat message from a company will make the recipient feel that he or she are being valued, because SMS messages are meant to be customized by nature. Even if the user’s name wasn’t necessarily written in the message, the user will still get the impression that this company, or agency took enough time, and paid money, to send me this message directly to my private phone number.

The reliance on SMS Marketing is absolutely heading towards its best days for all the above-mentioned reasons. The wisest move would be to follow the trend and benefit from it to boost your business, before other rival competitors do.

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