SMS Marketing has imposed itself as the most effective marketing strategy in the past few years, leading the race against other traditional and/or modern platforms such as TV commercials, radio, social media and co. 

Facebook can be effective but SMS Marketing is more effective:

Facebook is an extremely popular website/application, but there are many disadvantages to marketing your products and services on this platform.

The American brand recently totally updated its SEO system, making organic reach more difficult than ever because of the new algorithms. This is why sometimes a page with over 100k followers doesn’t get more than 100 likes on its posts, as an average. That’s literally 0.1% of followers liking said post. Meanwhile, an account with 1k followers can easily get 200 likes for a post that they promote, as long as the topic is interesting enough and targets the convenient users.

Having said all that, paying to promote posts is not necessarily a guaranteed way for success on Facebook, because most businessmen – where most of the money lies – do not have enough time to spend their day navigating between the hundreds of promoted posts on their timeline every day. Another inconvenience is that young Facebook users don’t use it with the goal of purchasing products and services. They often want to see the latest photos that their friends have published, and they look to irrelevant promoted posts as annoying.

Then, there is the option of launching ad campaigns on Facebook – which is a bit different from promoting posts. But the obvious inconvenience with this is that, blocking ads is easier than ever nowadays, and anyone can do it. Most young people look to all sorts of ads as a source of annoyance and often opt for the option of blocking them all without differentiating between one and the other.

So in both cases, the money you would be paying would be getting wasted without concrete results, unless your product is extremely attractive – but in this event, you might as well market it on any platform and anyone who sees it will be interested. The exception is never the rule, though.

On the other hand, SMS Marketing is still extremely effective because SMS messages have a very high open rate of above 95%. When you pay to market a product, you expect that most of the recipients or the ones who see it, actually bother opening it and reading the content. This is much likelier with SMS Marketing than with Facebook, for the above mentioned reasons. SMS messages are by nature more customizable, and user-friendly, meaning that most people would feel special for receiving a direct message on their mobile number, from such companies.

The option of unsubscribing from SMS messages does exist, but most people do not opt for it. It mainly happens when you send irrelevant messages to random users; but not if you are smart enough to filter your databases accordingly. Being intelligent in implementing your strategy is a requirement for any marketing platform in general, and SMS Marketing is no different.

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