As a leading SMS provider with connections to hundreds of operators worldwide, we offer wholesale sms services at affordable prices.

Broadnet SMS provides high-speed connections so that they can offer your businesses the ability to deliver high volumes of text messages to target audiences within a short period, whether it be seconds or minutes, in the most cost-effective way.

SMS API for Wholesale SMS Customers

Access all the features of the Broadnet platform by integrating our wholesale SMS API into your application or software.

Wholesale SMS Gateway

Send or receive SMS text messages from cloud communications networks which are then directed to mobile phone networks.

Wholesale SMS Pricing

Broadnet offers the most competitive, yet affordable wholesale SMS pricing. With us, the more messages you buy, the lower the SMS price gets due to wholesale rates.

Broadnet strives to build a better future where technology creates good connections and communication for everyone and everywhere.

While examining different bulk text messaging providers within the market, several factors must be considered, including; features, pricing, reputation, reliability, and the customer support available. Through a study of these elements by an independent group of experts who have had previous experience in the SMS field, Broadnet for wholesale SMS service is analyzed to have amongst the best value SMS messaging services.

The reasons are described in detail below, but in summary, Broadnet wholesale SMS provides:

  1. Lowest charges in a most maximum of the distribution categories
  2. A strong SMS software system that boasts reliability of 99.9% uptime capacity
  3. No setup costs or hidden fees

Not to mention, the mass text message provider supplies delivery reports which highlight factors such as text message bounce rates through their API platform. Overall, Broadnet wholesale SMS are anti-SPAM complaints and can provide an SMS list cleaning service to reduce the number of failed text message deliveries. The features offered by Broadnet for wholesale SMS are user-friendly, practicable, and cost-effective in distributing mass text messages for SMS marketing purposes. The provider offers a reliable SMS gateway service that allows businesses to send SMS messages in batches from one to thousands. This is particularly helpful for SMS marketing campaigns and allowing personalized messages for any form of notification.

Broadnet wholesale SMS features include:

  • Create personalized contacts lists online
  • Sending scheduled appointment notices and reminders
  • Ability to send long text messages (over 160 characters)
  • Receipt confirmation for each SMS message sent
  • Option to designate a dynamic sender to be shown as the sender ID for mass text messages sent

Using wholesale SMS allows businesses to send mass text messages from a business’s own mobile phone number in a very effective and efficient way.

Sending messages is pretty easy, but delivering them fast and consistently is more difficult. We use technologies that help us to exceed the benchmarks of messaging quality keeping our competitive and reasonable prices. So, Try our Broadnet wholesale SMS service and benefit from a premium quality for a low cost.