SMS gateway has plenty of benefits and it surely helps a business grow in its potential.

An SMS Gateway as the name implies is a channel that enables a computer to send/receive SMS to or from a telecom network, eventually routed to the mobile phones. It interprets the messages which are in user-friendly application’s language to the mobile carrier compatible languages for the delivery over transmission networks to be able to reach the recipients. This whole process happens in a matter of seconds and the message is sent to a large number of recipients simultaneously.

The facility of customizing the sender ID which is present in smartphones makes it tedious to save every phone number and then send the required messages. This means that the receiver can view the sender ID when a message is sent from a mobile phone. Bulk SMS has a typical ID that identifies them as a message from a store, a restaurant or a coaching class the user has previously provided.

Benefits of SMS Gateway

  • Faster System: Gateways enable you with a large variety of channels where you can make your systems faster without worrying about the connectivity with different telecom networks.
  • Easier Processing: Now that compatibility is no more an issue, processing becomes a lot easier.
  • Cost-Effective: SMS Gateways are very cost-effective especially when your SMS has mass recipients.
  • Secure: With SMS Gateways, your system becomes more robust and secure.
  • Lesser Downtime: The robustness of SMS Gateways ensure a very low rate of downtime makes the system lot more efficient.

API in the SMS gateway:

  • SMS API has been developed to enable companies to built their own SMS sending and receiving channels. Broadnet Technologies can provide the complete API system to the business. The choice of sending and receiving bulk messages can be customized according to their needs.
  • These SMS APIs are very beneficial because they can send SMS in a number of formats, receive text messages, obtain the receiver’s response without a password, and procure the real-time status report for all the texts.
  • The API can be installed in currently functional systems present in the company. Broadnet Technologies provides details about the extent to which platforms are present and their integration with the SMS API. There are technical documentation, and videos and any project for linking to the present systems.
  • SMS API can be used to determine the communication between clients and optimize it.
  • The API is simple to use, and it has created many smart messaging service providers.

 An SMS gateway is actually a website that can be employed to send bulk messages to customers that are enrolled on the SMS gateway.

Broadnet SMS gateway is distinguished by its high throughput and its capability to manage SMPP and HTTP interconnections, our SMS Gateway gives telecom carriers and service providers the capability to offer their audience a whole range of messaging services experience. 

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