HLR Lookup is a way to determine the home network of a mobile subscriber. HLR is also managed to find what country the subscriber is roaming in right now.

This technique is normally used together with SMS Delivery and SMS Billing to check what network you should send the messages to. It can also be used to check if a subscriber is reachable or if the user is absent which indicates that he has turned off the phone.

Keep your database clean and minimize your messaging costs with Broadnet technologies HLR Lookup service.

Getting better acquainted with the numbers in your contact database carries a multitude of benefits. In addition to cutting messaging costs, Lookup enables you to organize your CRM by number type, origin countries, and other criteria for a database that’s easy to operate.

Reduce Messaging Costs

Using Lookup can drastically decrease messaging costs for high and low volume senders comparatively. From highlighting numbers that are incorrectly formatted to identifying landlines to eliminating numbers that are no longer active or reachable, you’ll minimize undeliverable messages by running your contacts through our Lookup API. Validating your CRM content is the simplest way to save unnecessary costs and keep your database clean. So, in this way then you don’t have to worry about those wrong numbers on your database, all that you have to care about then is how to reach most of the people out of this database. 

Easy-to-use API

Broadnet offers HLR versions that are extremely easy to access and utilize. A simple call to our user-friendly REST API is all you require to retrieve detailed information on your contact numbers, with instant delivery of results for the free Lookup service and results for HLR lookups delivered within seconds of your command.

Our developers @BroadNet can help you with that of course!

Easily integrate our API

Easily access our Lookup API. Read up on our developer documentation and connect your CRM software, website or app to Lookup in no time. You can benefit from this one-of-a-kind service on the spot.

Check out more on https://www.broadnet.me/products/hlr-lookup/

HLR lookup process is fast, effective, inexpensive, and accurate. Broadnet HLR system can process up to 1000 requests per second asynchronously.

Regardless of which business you are in BroadNet HLR Lookup service will allow you to improve routing effectiveness, decrease costs, minimize potential fraud and generally provide you with a more reliable system to communicate with your customers. From both a technical and commercial perspective, BroadNet HLR is one of the most competitive companies offering HLR Lookup service. The whole process of running an HLR Lookup service is very simple.

All that you have to do is to contact us from wherever you are and benefit from our expertise @ BroadNet