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Here’s how you can improve your special events by adding mass texting sms marketing into the mix.

It’s your job to make sure everything runs without any hiccups or problems. You have to schedule and mobilize teams of personnel while keeping guests happy and on task.

Whether you’re communicating with staff members or notifying guests about scheduling updates, mass texting sms marketing can play a key role in the overall success of your event. Here’s how you can use it on your company’s next special occasion.

Market your event you need to sell tickets or registrations for your event, there’s going to be an element of marketing strategy involved to make it a successful event. There are a number of marketing tactics you can use to support your event, and texting is one of them. With texting, you can send a link to purchase tickets or register online, follow up with people regularly, and even automate your messages so you can turn your attention to planning the rest of the event.

Organize guests and attendees

mass texting sms marketing can help to start your event off with a bang before it even begins.

  • Gather RSVPs. Through text message marketing can be a useful tool during the event, one of the most valuable ways you can use it before your event is to gather RSVP responses before the doors open. You can ask your guests to text a keyword (“RSVP” is an easy example) to your SMS short code and log the responses accordingly. It’s convenient for your customers and easy for you to track. Chances are, your guests would prefer to text you their response rather than call or email. The convenience of simply firing off a one-word reply makes it a quick and effective way to get an accurate headcount.
  • Provide special perks. Additionally, you can offer VIP treatment at the event to your loyal text message marketing subscribers. Tease them in the weeks leading up to your function with previews of keynote speakers or sneak peeks of games and events. You can organize special deals or giveaways for your subscribers; tell them how and where to redeem your offers at your event.
  • Send alerts and information. Once it gets closer to the big event, you can start sending out reminders to confirmed attendees. You can also send directions or parking advice as the event nears. Just be careful not to overdo it–one message per week or two is enough.
  • Coordinate internally

mass texting sms marketing is more than a useful tool to connect with attendees. You can also implement text messaging to stay in touch with the staff members that are responsible for running your function.

  • Segment a list to communicate with different teams: It can be challenging for coordinators to keep tabs on all of the moving parts needed to organize a special event. List segmentation is a tool that allows you to divide your subscriber list into sub-groups. You can use this to create a text group for each of the different teams that may be handling parts of your event. You won’t waste any texts, and each team will get only the content that matters to them.
  • Communicate with two-way texting. In case of any hiccups, your team can text you back using two-way texting. You can be confident knowing that you and your staff are able to easily keep in touch.
  • Review who has tracked your links. Need to make sure every member of your staff sees a link to a schedule or another important notification? SlickText offers link tracking so you can see who has (and hasn’t) clicked.
  • Pass out instructions and assignments

Your event is likely to be on a strict timeline. If a single step is out of sync, it can mess with the entire rhythm of your carefully scheduled function. It’s up to you and your employees to make sure everything goes according to plan.

  • Keep employees on task. When you use mass texting sms marketing to stay in touch with your employees, you don’t have to spend valuable time chasing down each individual team to hand out directions. Instead, just fire off a single campaign to each of your event’s staffing teams. mass texting sms marketing gives you the ability to delegate responsibilities and give out assignments with the touch of a button. Using your segmentation tool, you can let each team know what’s needed of them at any given time.
  • Let attendees know what to do next. Employees are the only ones who need direction, your attendees will need instructions from time to time as well when it comes to knowing what sessions to attend next or if they need to pick up certain items or sign up for classes. Instead of trying to give the information verbally or send an email people may not receive, use a simple text message.
  • Text updates and notifications during the event

If your event has an extensive guest list, things can get chaotic quickly. It can be a daunting challenge to get the attention of hundreds, even thousands of people at once.

Believe it or not, there’s an easy way to do it.

You can take charge and let attendees know what’s going on in real-time when you use mass texting sms marketing to connect with them during your event.

As part of the event’s registration packet, ask guests to sign up for your text list. Explain that this is how they can expect to receive scheduling updates and alerts, as well as any emergency notifications should the need arise.

mass texting sms marketing is an easy and stress-free way to keep all of your event’s guests and participants in the loop about what’s going on.

  • Interact with guests during the event

Make your event even more fun for your guests by using mass texting sms marketing to create an extra buzz throughout your function.

Whether you’re hosting a flash giveaway at a certain location or advertising a keynote speaker, you can get in touch with your attendees as a way to keep things interesting for them.

You’ll have more freedom to make last-minute scheduling tweaks when you know that you have the ability to spread the word to your guests quickly.

You can even use your mass texting sms marketing service to hold contests and games for your customers. 

Text to win contests is a fun and easy way to engage your audience and keep things exciting.

If you need to notify attendees about an emergency at your event, text alerts can be a literal lifesaver.

Emergencies happen, and while we always hope for the best, it’s important to plan for the worst. When you use business text messaging, you can be at peace knowing that you’ll be able to handle the challenge of directing your guests safely and quickly.

With mass texting sms marketing, you can get in touch with subscribers almost instantly. Since 98 percent of texts are read within two minutes of receiving them, it makes perfect sense that text messaging is such an efficient way to connect when time is of the essence.