Marketing is the pioneer of success in any business, in 2019 more than ever. There are very different types of marketing strategies, with top businesses always looking to outperform competition by implementing the most effective ones. But out of all these marketing strategies, there are the two obvious standouts: SMS Marketing and email marketing.

SMS Marketing

Using SMS in marketing strategies has been a trend for almost two decades now. And a very successful one, if I may say. As a matter of fact, all stats have demonstrated the effectiveness and efficiency of SMS in all its forms. It is now easier than ever to target millions of people on a daily basis, by a single firm, and deliver to them your business message with the hope of catching their attention and transforming them into regular customers, on the long run.

SMS marketing is so effective mainly because the average person keeps her or his mobile almost 24/7 by their side, and are quick to check their notifications whenever they receive one – which is indeed the case with SMS. That is why it has the luxury of possessing the highest open rate across all platforms of marketing strategies.

In addition to that, SMS is considered extremely budget-friendly and very affordable for small businesses, or even startups looking to make a name for themselves. You don’t necessarily need to have a very vast database in order to get your message delivered. In the event that your business is still a newbie, BroadNet can put its own categorized database under your disposal and expose you in front of millions of users worldwide. For all these reasons and more, SMS is set to remain one of the most effective marketing strategies, if not the most effective one, in the upcoming years.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is important for so many reasons. The most obvious one is because, well, it doesn’t cost you anything if you already possess your own database, and it still pretty much cheap even if you don’t. The open rate of emails is considerably lower than that of SMS, however, it is still useful enough, that is why many top businesses still use it regularly. An email is by nature more professional than an SMS and contains a variety of all the necessary details that you need to know ahead of making your decision, as a potential customer.

But a very important reason that will surprise some, is the fact that email marketing allows you to discover the identity of customers with the highest readiness to invest in your business. This is possible thanks to many professional tools that the ones in the know will be familiar with. By doing that, top businesses can catch these extremely valuable users and concentrate their next marketing campaigns on them, as they are the ones that are likely to bring the most fruitful results, business-wise.

Of course, you can always rely on email marketing itself to work, by people instantly responding to the call to action – something that often happens – again, reason why email marketing is still so in demand in today’s marketing strategies.

In brief, marketing strategies will always be many and are likely to increase in the future. Successful businesses always look to integrate as many of them as possible, but SMS marketing and email marketing remain the two tops gears for the time being.

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