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SMS Marketing is scaling new heights of popularity given the awesome benefits they offer. Because of being easy to use, simple and user-friendly, they are gaining widespread attention.

Transactional SMS are the kind of SMS, which you send to your customers to pass on information about your product and services. The example includes when a bank sends an SMS to its customers about a recent transaction or account balance; it is called transactional SMS. Similarly; when a company sends an SMS to its client about an invoice; it is called transactional SMS.

Transactional SMS

Transactional SMS is a form of marketing and maintaining communication for a company with its customers. When a company sends a transactional SMS, it necessarily develops an informed image of its own; with responsible brand.

Promotional SMS

Promotional SMS on the other hand are the kind of SMS; which a company usually sends to its customers to promote a specific product or service. This category includes any type of sales and marketing messages; which may or may not be required. Promotional SMS can only be sent to the customers who have not yet activated DND service.

Both transactional and promotional messages are important for a brand. However; promotional messages are not necessarily as required as transactional SMS for customers who are already loyal. On the other hand; to attract new clients; promotional SMS can be effective.

Sending any such kind messages however requires services of a good company. In order to choose a good SMS marketing and gateway service provider, you as a business need to be defined about your needs and then holistically find a solution.

Transactional and promotional SMS are gaining attention because of the benefits they offer, for most benefits however service providers’ quality of work matters.