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Sunny and raining days abound in restaurants. Some days you will see flock of customers eagerly waiting for their turn to tuck into the choicest products you prepare. You will see bustling kitchen, crowded restaurant, and sound of freshly prepared foods being served on the plate. But then, there are days when the sun is shinny on the other side of the horizon.

You would eventually be disappointed to see empty chairs, unoccupied chefs, resting staffs and empty cash counters. However, what if you could turn the entire scenario? What if you could easily channelize the entire efforts of yours towards pinpointed marketing that yields you favourable outcome? Well, this is exactly when you should be serious about using SMS to market your restaurant. Read on the SMS marketing strategies for restaurant to wither away those dry days.

Benefits of SMS marketing

Texts are popular

The SMS are usually get read more often than any other forms of marketing such as sending an email. It is believed 73 percent Americans regularly send or receive SMS. Now, if you compare this with the worldwide audiences, expect the number

Texts are quick and instant

90% of texts are read immediately within a few minutes. Because of being quick and simple, it is easy to connect and collaborate with audiences. SMS empowers businesses to easily and instantly get in touch with their prospective audiences.

Texts are mobile

Texts are mobile and it goes wherever your audiences go. They keep their smartphone with them; thereby getting the marketing message wherever they go.

Other than these, SMS are affordable; they are well received, and have been known to play a pivotal role in helping a message get across. Now, how to use SMS to promote restaurants? Here we go –

  • Opt-in discounts
  • Free gifts
  • Giveaways

Tell your audiences about prospective deals. The more channelized your entire strategy for marketing is, better is your scope for delivering state of the art and holistic solutions. If you could use tempting texts and promote your message around a story, you cam very well collaborate with your audiences and then influence their decision.

In order to ensure that text messages work for your restaurant sales, you should first need to make sure that people opt in to receive text message, then you should learn to write concise, effective call to action, use words to evoke decision.

The more concise and channelized your entire messaging system is, better is your scope to connect with more audiences holistically.

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