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The most important challenges are that it is not conversational, it is strictly regulated, and it is not as individualized as it ought to be. Learn more some of the core challenges. Please read on some of the core challenges associated with SMS marketing.

SMS marketing is powerful way to connect with targeted audiences. It can help you reach out to your defined set of targeted and pinpointed audiences holistically using of the art solutions. SMS has 99 percent open rate compared with other traditional marketing channels, which do not even come close in terms of open rate. However, today’s consumers are being exposed to advertising and marketing strategies more than they used to be earlier. It is believed that consumers are heavily exposed to advertising and they feel that advertising is becoming out of control. Whenever and everywhere they go, advertising is invading them.

This is why brands need to reorganize their preferences and strategies in order to organically market their selling message rather than influencing their audiences the way the latter do not want.

SMS marketing is an awesome tool to connect with improved set of audiences, those who are otherwise go unconnected, can be reached via SMS, but this marketing channel faces some issues.

One of the core issues that SMS marketing faces is that it is not entirely individualized wherever required. For example, a business that requires to target its audiences holistically could not necessarily develop one to one campaign. The business wants to reach out to more in less time and thus it will use some generic messaging codes and text and thus keep sending messages such as promotional offer to all in bulk. This makes the entire process so mechanical. That is why businesses need to be more human and start sending messages that are targeted and individualized.

It is not entirely conversational

Because of shortage of content and limitation of characters, an SMS does not necessarily sell a story rather it goes in direct selling mode and just conveys the message intended. This makes it look inflexible and the conversational tone of messaging is not necessarily conveyed. Moreover, not giving your audiences a chance to respond to your message; you are limiting a scope to carry out a conversation.

It’s strictly regulated

Marketers can only send promotional and marketing messages to those who have opted in. They can not necessarily send messages to literally anyone. The strict regulations make SMS marketing little overrated and limits its credibility and reach.

These are just some of the challenges of SMS marketing . The entire industry of SMS marketing is scaling new heights and with the advancement of technology; it is redefining the entire industry in a new light. Businesses are opting for it given the awesome benefits it offers. But if you are a marketer you should trust the service of SMS service provider who can literally help you channelize your efforts by countering the challenges and issues herein.