Our experts are persistent about discovering new ways in which A2P SMS messaging can help generate more business models and communication frameworks that yield better communication response.

Broadnet A2P SMS allows you to establish familiarity, convenience and an exponential outreach on a global scale.

There are many ways you can use A2P SMS and interact with customers. Here are the top 5 channels, which, according to us, yield the maximum interaction.

A2P SMS Reminders and Confirmations

Essentially following the same delivery schematic, this is one of the features of A2P SMS messaging that customers appreciate. A2P SMS reminders eliminate the need to remember bookings and payments and help the customers stay on track. A confirmation text regarding a transaction, booking or anything else is always reassuring.

A2P SMS Enhanced Parental Controls

Numerous schools and college level institutions have started using A2P SMS to maintain proper communication with parents regarding timetables, examinations, important updates, performance and institutional events.

A2P SMS Healthcare Updates

It is perhaps one of the most important applications of A2P SMS messaging. Forgetting an important medical appointment has now become obsolete. Reminders regarding the same can be automated. Important diagnostic results can be instantly conveyed and appropriate actions can instantly be taken.

A2P SMS Service/Delivery Updates

Ecommerce and food delivery businesses aggressively use this feature to provide customers with real-time delivery updates, order notifications and more. This helps customers prepare in advance and stay on top of their orders using A2P SMS.

A2P SMS Two Factor Authentication

Another very important application of A2P SMS messaging is 2FA and is used widely by banking and social media services to ensure data security and customer privacy. It has become mandatory for all social media accounts and financial transactions. This prevents hackers from acts of cyber theft and privacy invasion and provides added security to your customers. More and more consumer properties such as personal email accounts or blogs are incorporating A2P SMS-enabled Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) to deliver One-time Passwords (OTP) for verification.

There are various other applications of A2P SMS messaging. The platform is ever evolving, and therefore its prospects are ever increasing. As you read further, companies are using survey polls and question texts to gain valuable insights from customers through 2-way SMS. Apps such as Viber are introducing A2P SMS to enable businesses to deliver personalised a2p sms messages to customers using their OTT messaging service.

Don’t miss out on the massive opportunities A2P SMS has to offer. Get in touch with us today and know more about how it can help your business!