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Both SMS and push notifications are the greatest forms of audience-centric, performance-driven and strategically pinpointed when it comes to marketing something. Push notifications are relatively younger than their communication counterpart SMS, but are evolving rapidly to become a successful and highly popular means of reaching out to target audience in real-time to convey a meaningful message and ensure a greater marketing reach.

Top advantages push notifications enjoy over SMS are as follows:

  • It has a better one-click subscription
  • It has a higher click through rate
  • Better Cross-platform delivery
  • Quicker message composition
  • Great audience engagement etc, among others.

But when we compare Push Notifications to SMS, there are a few things where the latter scores relatively better than the former; and thus question the super ability of push notifications as the number of marketing channel. In fact, it steals the credit and proves itself the deserving one. This article briefly points out the top reasons why SMS is better than push notifications.

Points in Favour of SMS against Push Notifications:

East to set up –

It requires a little effort and investment to set up SMS system; whereas when it comes to setting up push notification, the entire process is detailed and requires expert technical understanding.

Affordable to begin, manage and maintain –

SMS setup is affordable against the costly set up and maintenance of push notifications.

Greater audience engagement in real life –

When it comes to audience engagement and targeting geo specific and pinpointed segments of core audiences, push notifications does not deliver core result. It is because it needs to have permission to get installed on Smart-phones whereas SMS can be sent to anyone on any mobile device.

Device independent ability –

SMS can be sent to literally any mobile device – a Tablet, a Keypad mobile phone, or a Smartphone whereas for push notifications, first a mobile device needs to be a Smartphone with internet connectivity. Then, it should get permission to get installed.

Reach more people –

Evidently; when you reach out to more people’s phone, you make the most of greater social engagement, connect, collaborate and get ideas to communicate with them in real-time.

Personalized messages –

When it comes to SMS, you can freely apply personalized messages in order to smartly. It can spark the interest of target audience. However, in push notifications, you have to be defined and cannot necessarily change the name of the sender.

These are some of the most decisive factors that make SMS perhaps better than push notifications or any other forms of communication.

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