Connecting with customers while they are on the go is one of the most important types of marketing techniques, and this is where SMS or short messaging services act as a highly effective source. If you develop your messages in brief and focused format, avoid hype, slag, and abbreviations, offer something of immediate value, identify yourself as a problem solver, make your customers feel special, help them inspire; your SMS marketing is obvious to rock. However, along with the above-mentioned measures; you need to send messages to your targeted audience at the right time in order to connect with them and make them engage with your message.

While it is important to send SMS messages to your targeted set of audiences to keep your business booming, you need to measure its success to judge if it is generating you any business or not. However, how would you judge if your SMS marketing is yielding you of any value or not. This is where we help you. Read on!

Growth Rate

This refers to the number of people who subscribe to your SMS Marketing as a result of the campaigns you are sending. In order to generate a true picture and number of subscribers, just subtract the number of previous subscribers from the current subscribers. Now, take the result and divide it by the number of previous subscribers

Churn Rate

This refers to the number of people who have opted out of your SMS marketing campaign. Every time, a certain number of people usually opt out of subscribership because they no longer require your services. However; if you find a higher churn rate, there might be issues with your content or targeting customer base. Take the number of people who opted out and then divide it by the total number of subscribers.

Redemption Rate

It specifically refers to the action your subscribers did what your campaign asked them to do. The success of any campaign depends on the success of effective implementation of a message and action taken on it. Get your redemption rate by dividing the number of subscribers that act by the total number of subscribers.

Key Deciders To Judge The Effectiveness

  • Are people signing up – are they staying active
  • Are customers getting engaged?
  • Are people talking about you socially?
  • Is your marketing cost effective ?

These are just some of the crucial deciders that help you measure the effectiveness of an SMS campaign