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The success of SMS Marketing is well-known, but a large part of its success depends on the way it is executed and the way that the message is written to the receiver. But for your SMS Marketing campaign to be successful, you need to watch out for many details.

Choosing The Appropriate Text Is Crucial

SMS companies can do their utter best to send you thousands if not millions, of bulk SMS messages by using their vast database and targeting the convenient recipients across the globe. But if the content of the message is not catchy enough, you would risk failing to deliver your idea to the potential customer. Even if the service or product that you are marketing is in extreme demand by customers in the market, if you don’t do your best job to give the receiver a good impression, then your SMS might not catch their attention.

It is very important to understand your goals behind the SMS campaign. Therefor the need of having S.M.A.R.T goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time Specific). If you rush into sending random messages without a clear plan in mind, as to how it can help you enhance your marketing campaign, then there is a higher risk of failure.

On the other hand, one of the biggest mistakes in your SMS Marketing campaign is the lack of a clear call to action. It needs to be a very direct one, otherwise the receiver will probably read the message and close it immediately without taking the time to think deeper about it. Or in another scenario, the user could procrastinate searching for the company’s website and decide to do it later, but ultimately forget to. That is why, it is very important to include short URL links that help the user make an immediate action. If not a Permalink, then at least invite the user to send a text to a specific number. And always make sure to write the keyword in capital letters to grab the attention.

Making exclusive discounts or offers is one of the most successful strategies in SMS Marketing. Let your user feel privileged that he or she are receiving private deals on their mobile phone. Make it clear that this discount is only available for those who have received this SMS. Incentives don’t have to always be monetary, they can be about private access, exclusive notifications when your favorite product is out, etc.

Furthermore, it is often necessary to let your SMS messages be short ones. The sooner the call to action, the better. And to improve your chances of success to the maximum, don’t forget to integrate media with your SMS, from images to videos. Adding links of your social media platforms can also be very helpful if you’re looking to take advantage from the situation in order to extend your Fanbase over the internet. And last but not least, do not forget to be consistent in the frequency of your Bulk SMS campaigns. Always send an SMS to users whenever you believe there is a good probability that they would be interested in reading it, and quite possibly being lured into a call to action.

SMS Marketing has demonstrated its vast success and is set to remain on the top for years to come, as users get more and more attached to their mobile phones. Get in touch with us at BroadNet, and let’s help you set up your SMS Marketing campaign.

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