By reading the above points and focusing on these tips and tricks to multiply your SMS marketing potential and enjoy improved business growth via Broadnet Technologies

SMS marketing is one of the oldest technologies and is getting popular day by day. This marketing channel has achieved heights due to the emerging use of mobile phones. Among all tips and tricks to multiply your SMS marketing potential the most important trick is to maintain an updated database of the subscribers. At some point in time, every business recognizes that this marketing mode is cost effective and has the potential to drive the fastest revenue by engaging customers.

SMS Marketing tips to increase marketing potential

Do not let go any opportunity to grow your campaign of SMS marketing and to convince your customers to subscribe your messages.

Below are few tips that can increase your SMS marketing potential

  • Get Permission: SMS marketing is based on permission and that is its biggest advantage. It clearly says that the person whom you are sending messages has given you permission to send marketing messages. The best tip to get potential customers is to generate the customer database carefully to develop a long-term business-customer relationship.
  • Be Concise: Your characters are limited to 160 numbers. Be creative and compress your large message to the prescribed limit and that too in an impressive way to develop reader’s interest.
  • Send a personalised message: Sending personalised messages to your customers by knowing about their shopping preferences and likings or by mentioning their names gives them a special feeling and develops a stronger connection.
  • Mobile friendly landing pages: Be careful about the format, it should look great on a mobile screen. If you are sending links they should load quickly, choose easy and simple words that can be easily understood by the readers.
  • Frequency and Timing: Do not send your messages frequently and at odd times. Choose weekends and send the messages in the afternoon as most probably this is the only convenient time when they are free and can pay attention towards sent information.
  • Drive Urgency: When customers become less responsive then you can drive urgency by saying that the offer is limited, offering short discounts etc.

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