Text message marketing can be a speedy and affordable way to get important messages to your customers.

However, it can be a huge waste of time and resources to send out messages randomly – when it comes to text message marketing campaigns, timing is everything. If your customers get one of your messages at a time when the information is not relevant to them, they will likely ignore it or even be annoyed by it.

Time is everything when it comes to running your text message wisely and efficiently.

 The last thing you want to do is alienate your customers by bombarding their inboxes with several messages every single day. At the same time, you don’t want your customers to feel neglected (as they might if you only send messages out once a month). One or two messages each week strikes a nice balance – it gives your customers some breathing room but also lets them know you are still there. At least one of your regular messages should include some kind of incentive – discounts, coupons, free products – no matter what the timing. What time of the day/week should I send my message(s)? The main point you want to keep in mind is that you want your text messages to drive traffic toward your business. You want to give people incentives to come to see you or make contact with you and ultimately, make a purchase. Sending messages on days when your business tends to be slow is a good way to grab your customers’ attention. For example, retail stores tend to be slower when the weather is bad or there are no major holidays coming up. Sending a “same-day” deal drives them to come your way even more since they don’t have the option of waiting. Thinking about how your customers plan their lives in relation to your business is another great way to figure out the best timing for your messages.

Do you host events? Send your first blast a few weeks before the event encouraging registration or providing registration incentives. Then send a reminder 3 days before or the morning of to get people pumped leading into the big day/night or to pick up last-minute attendees. If you run a business, such as a salon or a clinic, that requires appointments, text messages can be a great way to send reminders – either about existing appointments or about appointments that have not yet been made but should be (e.g. dental cleaning).

Text message marketing can be a great way for businesses to get in touch with their customers

One of the biggest motivators for today’s consumers is convenience, so overall it is extremely important for businesses to provide this to their customers as much as possible. Make it easy for them. So, time is money and if you don’t send your messages at the right time, you might as well be sending them to your grandmother. Don’t risk your text messages being overlooked by your target audience – learn how to time your marketing messages effectively with Broadnet technologies.

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