BroadNet SMS Firewall solution provides mobile operators with a safe spam-free roaming and messaging environment that their subscribers can trust, while reducing complaints due to unsolicited messages. It filters Mobile Originated (MO), Mobile Terminating (MT) and Application traffic (SMPP) messages for Real-time intelligent threat detection, blocking management with definable blocking rules and configurations, Alarm triggering and Load balancing.

The importance of SMS Firewall cannot be stressed enough in today’s market, because it is the ideal SMS anti-fraud solution for mobile operators. It is intended to protect the operator’s network and the operator’s subscribers against unauthorized SMS traffic, whether it was application originated SMPP traffic or transit mobile originated traffic. In addition to that, SMS Firewall supports anti-spoofing and anti-faking filtering detection capabilities.

The most crucial idea behind implementing SMS Firewall is to avoid unmotivated message sending, or spam messages from content providers. It is also worth saying that BroadNet’s SMS Firewall provides high performance and scalable solutions to meet the modern safety requirements.

In brief, the SMS Firewall will provide significant base protection against SMS spam and will block malicious signaling attacks, suspect sources of messages, unusually high SMS volumes or inconsistent SMS traffic in general. The SMS Firewall uses several metrics to decide whether each specific situation should be considered spam or not. The volume of message trafficking is definitely one of the factors that influences the decision. But the whole process has become automated with time, as the technicians are only required to monitor it without interfering in the slight details.

The SMS Firewall does indeed enable the possibility to actively monitor application originated SMS to prevent fraud and spam. This process is facilitated by monitoring all SMS texts originated by local subscribers. Henceforth, the Firewall allows the operator to have full control of the SMS messages in the network. Moreover, such control and monitoring allows the operator to implement proper restrictions to increase their revenue. The outcome could be very satisfying as spam messages are reduced, there for improving the SMS service and pleasing customers.

Why use SMS Firewall? Well, the benefits are many.

SMS Firewall allows you to eliminate grey routes, or undesired routes. This way you can gain full control of SMS traffic in your network and get rid of all spams and unwanted messages that could disturb or slow down your business process and ruin your marketing strategy. In a way or the other, this will make your process more efficient and more effective, meaning that it will ultimately help you reduce your costs and maximize your benefits at the same time.

Moreover, BroadNet’s SMS Firewall allows you to benefit from other features such as SMS content filtering, global title filtering, anti SMS spoofing and anti SMS faking.

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