BULK SMS marketing has the highest engagement rate of any marketing medium at 82% open rates. 90% of messages are read within three minutes of receipt.

And most powerful of all?

Your customers require you to use this channel. Over half of all consumers say they prefer to contact support via BULK SMS over all other channels, especially social media. And most say they prefer to get order status alerts, reservation confirmations, and appointment reminders via BULK SMS.

Accordingly, how to do BULK SMS marketingeffectively? And why it is more beneficial than social media!

BULK SMS marketing is essential to run on an integrated marketing strategy.

We’ll cover the essentials of BULK SMS marketing, including best practices and examples from leading brands, to encourage you to use this channel to engage and convert more customers. 

  • BULK SMS is a highly personal and informal channel, making it ideal for entertaining campaigns. Think competitions, promotions, polls, interactive content, and one-on-one conversations. Use it as an opportunity to deliver fun, memorable customer experiences.

Reminder: many BULK SMS marketers use shortened text speak like “ur” and “txt” in campaign copy. Feel free to do the same, as long as your message is easily readable.

  • Let’s take Starbucks, which has long used BULK SMS to delight customers with trivia games, quirky memes, and personalized rewards. This campaign from 2013 takes advantage of the immediacy of BULK SMS by repaying the first 100 correct responders. And it cleverly reinforces the important role music plays in their customer experience.

You would not talk to a brand-new visitor the same way you would a loyal customer. The same goes for BULK SMS. BULK SMS marketingenables you to segment your audience to ensure that each user gets relevant, valuable content.

New visitors could get free shipping or promo code, while repeated customers and loyal ones get early access to new products or an invite to your rewards program.

  • Use profile data to send birthday promotions, new customer discounts, or location-based campaigns to give each user a personalized experience and conversions. 

Being that customized is only an option given by the BULK SMS service, this is why it’s on a different level from social media. 

  • Another glance at BULK SMS marketing, as with any other medium, you should track how users engage with your text campaigns. How many of your customers have opened your message? How many have clicked the link or sent a response? How many opt-out?

According to the current BULK SMS marketing industry benchmarks, 70% of customers open BULK SMS messages within 60 minutes. 19% of recipients click on a link.

Like any other channel, you should test messaging, audiences, and timing to keep improving your BULK SMS marketing strategy.

BULK SMS marketing continues not only to endure but increase relevancy as mobile technologies evolve

BULK SMS marketing is an excellent standalone marketing channel and can perfectly supplement your campaigns across other digital platforms.

BroadNet Technologies offers you the ultimate BULK SMS experience. You can learn how to reach your clients and segment your target market in a way you get higher effective feedback on your BULK SMS marketing campaigns. 

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