Broadnet Technologies has created the white label SMS reseller solution to provide our clients with an opportunity to resell SMS credits to their customers for individual and business purposes.

The SMS reseller will ideally have several smaller clients rather than a few large clients, and the business purpose is structured to this end.

The SMS resellers’ risk is that credits need to be bought first from Broadnet, and the reseller needs to collect payment from his/her clients. Note that the SMS credits do not have any time constraints.

Leverage as the SMS Reseller 

  • The SMS reseller can extend their current commercial relationships with clients to carry the ability to send out bulk messages.
  • The SMS reseller may already be billing the customer every month. Accordingly, requests to fill credits to a customer’s account can be changed easily by the reseller to the customer’s monthly account.
  • Several resellers may already visit their customers and be in a position to help the customer register and/or download software and/or provide basic training on using Broadnet products at the customer’s premises.
  • The reseller could underprice our prices. As in the example noted in the section above, the reseller could sell a batch of credits for much less than Broadnet.

It’s quite essential to mention that there are no set-up or monthly costs acquired when becoming a reseller. The value to the SMS reseller for purchasing credits from Broadnet is as per the normal batch rates that will be sent in the quotation. The cost to the customer of the reseller is up to the reseller and will depend on the customer’s perception of the value added by the reseller.

Also, the SMS reseller can use the Broadnet pricing table as a guideline, but there is no commitment to follow these costings. The Reseller may choose to on-sell the credits at a lower, or higher rate.

Broadnet also allows the reseller to sponsor credits to other SMS accounts, be they, team members or clients. 

Not to mention, our reseller options incorporate a full white-label offering, where you can sell, support, and bill your customers under your brand. Alternatively, we offer dual-brand options where you can resell the Broadnet SMS service to your customers, with minimum investment, and generate profit from every purchase they make.

A white label SMS reseller platform empowers your enterprise, enabling you to run our advanced SMS software with personalized branding.

Boost your business income by becoming an SMS reseller! Whether you’re using a rebranded platform or integrating with legacy software, being an SMS reseller is a manageable way to increase revenue and add value to your customer base. So, power up your marketing strategy with Broadnet’s marketing support. Once your reseller platform is ready to go, you can access our archive of promotional templates and manage your clients’ transactions. SMS /