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The SMS reseller program helps you start a new certain business with a lot of opportunities to grow.

Nowadays SMS marketing has been on the rise. This is due to the efficiency by which users can reach out to thousands of recipients with a single click. However, the same can be done from the convenience of your homes too. Yes, you are lucky enough to make money from home with the SMS reseller program that enables you through the SMS gateway to sell SMS and start your business right. The next inquiry would be, how? Continue reading to know the secret of the success of a secure and reliable SMS business.

  • Our SMS reseller program is designed to help you to earn additional revenue through a unique model that is efficient and very effective. Through our SMS reseller Program, you can benefit from our well-built SMS gateway, you will now be able to buy our SMS credits and then reselling them to your customers. You will be able to buy SMS credits on the best price in bulk through us and then splitting them into smaller volumes to be sold to your clients.

Our SMS reseller program is very user-friendly because there is no monthly or yearly commitment fee.

  • For example,you can buy 50,000 credits from us at a low rate of $ each. You can then break them into smaller quantities and sell them at a higher rate to your customers. That’s a good margin from only one investment. Furthermore, the credits in your SMS gateway will not expire! They have no time constraint! You can use them or sell them whenever the client orders! 

Gladly, you will be running a risk-free home-based business with a lot of flexibility with the SMS gateway features.

  • To make even clearer, the idea of becoming an SMS reseller enables you to benefit from the difference in the amount of the selling price and the purchase price is all the profit you are going to earn. You are the decider of the selling price completely and therefore this helps you know how much profit you want to earn for yourself. As you will be dealing in bulk even the smallest difference in a purchase is going to help you earn a huge amount of earnings.

 Start your SMS reseller program!

Start your business now with our company! We as BroadNet will be glad to grow our sms reseller and increase the businesses’ ROIs. Starting your business as a reseller will hardly cost you more than what you have already planned. You can just stick to your budget and start anytime you feel at ease. All you need is a stable internet connection along with the budget to buy the first lot of bulk SMS’. Your bulk SMS service provider will provide you with an SMS gateway (SMS software) and also bear the cost of getting into agreements with the various mobile network operators. 

Speaking of operators’ agreements, well BroadNet has Direct Connections to more than 440 operators worldwide. Accordingly, you can benefit from the ties that BroadNet has with these operators to satisfy your clients wherever they want to send their messages. 

Interesting SMS business, isn’t it? 

Be our reseller NOW and with BroadNet SMS providers your business will prosper tremendously.