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Bulk SMS service is not used only for marketing but there are many businesses that use SMS Api service for communicating internally with their potential customers

Thousands of people send millions of messages around the world every day. To relish the benefits of global accessibility and enabling SMS via an application, system or website, to facilitate international two-way messaging, use SMS API Integration.

What is SMS API?

API is the smoothest and simplest way to send automated messages in bulk from your platform. An API system provides you accessibility to consolidate SMS service with your mobile application, website, CRM, third-party application or service etc.

Basically, an API is just like the SMS gateway by which operations of one script or computer program made convenient for use by another. By the use of SMS API, people can send and receive messages instantly by any application. 

“Reasons for choosing Api SMS by business” 

Businesses Are Choosing API Messages For Various Reasons Such As:

Low Cost

Marketing by using SMS is one of the best marketing channels that receive the maximum return on investment (ROI). Businesses use SMS marketing as it is available at low cost and give maximum output than opting other marketing channels such as radio, TV etc.

Open Rate

SMS opening rate is much larger than an email. 98 percent people open SMS and only 10 percent of people open an email. Business will earn profitability by using SMS marketing

Opening Time

Nearly all the messages are opened in no time. On an average, the opening time of a message is approximately ninety seconds.

No Lead Time

A message can be easily created and sent to the customer’s phone in no time.

API SMS Features

  • Bulk messages are sent within seconds to a large number of people.
  • These messages can be customized in regional languages
  • Various files can be attached to these messages.
  • Mobile tickets, discount vouchers, survey forms etc can be sent directly to customer’s phone.
  • SMS can be easily sent in different ways such as email, Microsoft Excel, Local text mobile applications etc. 

For example, Bulk SMS service is a sensitive message service just like one time pins for the financial institutions that sent SMS to their customers in no time.

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