If you think SMS marketing is somehow obsolete compared to social media, you might be thinking about your strategy wrong.

For those of you already aware of the power of SMS marketing to reach new audiences, you’ll be gratified to know that mass text messaging has another capability: transforming social media campaigns.

For the large majority of your customers, social media is tangled from the fabric of their lives. Consumers’ favorite brands, entertainment preferences, and most treasured memories are shared with friends and family on their favorite social media platforms, like Facebook.

The average consumer spends about two hours every day using social media, and 60% of the time they use their mobile phone to visit social sites. It also means that you can introduce existing customers to a simple way to shop and/or connect with your business without interrupting their social media experience and that’s only can be attainable by using SMS marketing.

Why Use Mass Text Messaging in Your Social Media Campaign

SMS marketing can be a bridge between your consumers, your business, and the social media platforms where they spend most of their time.

Mass text messaging not only allows business owners to offer consumers a simple way to connect, but it also drives customer engagement on social media.

Here are a few examples:

Use Social Media to Promote Your Text to Win Contest

Share text to win contest details with your social followers. Upon texting the keyword to the shortcode, the subscriber will be entered into the sweepstakes. Users who post links on their social pages encouraging online friends to enter the contest as well could receive a mobile coupon after their referrals sign up. This encourages easy word of mouth marketing.

Use SMS Marketing to Drive Page Likes

Creating a sense of urgency is important in any social media marketing campaign, and mass text messaging is a perfect way to connect with customers and motivate them to act quickly. A text offering subscribers extra points in a loyalty program or an exclusive discount for liking—and getting their friends to like— your social pages can be a simple way to rapidly build your social media following.

Get Social Media Influencers Text Messaging About Your Business

The most powerful members of those small groups of influencers are usually those with the best, most shared posts. Winning over these influencers can instantly raise your business’s social media profile. For example, a mass text message from a clothing boutique asking subscribers to share their friend’s favorite post of the day to your Facebook page in exchange for a gift for the original poster and the friend who shared it can bring foot traffic and increase likes simultaneously.

 Broadnet provides a wide range of advanced features to our customers.

Our social media integration feature is the easiest way to connect your SMS marketing campaign with all your social media presence.

Before sending out a text message, decide which Facebook page/insta .. that you want to post to, and you’re all set with converting it into a trackable link. It’s that simple. You can also schedule social media posts as easily as you do text messages.

At Broadnet, we’ve helped thousands of businesses unlock the power of SMS marketing to reach new audiences on social media.