Both SMS marketing and email marketing are polls to the success of a marketing strategy, yet SMS Marketing is more of a Hit.

SMS marketing and email marketing are both essential to carry on a marketing strategy. Each holds unique advantages in the way they deliver information to your current and future audiences. It can be not very clear to know which will give you the most return on investment for each campaign you’re running. 

However, nowadays, companies prefer SMS marketing over Email marketing due to the benefits it holds.

The following mentioned are a few clues that reveal how SMS marketing is more powerful and reliable:

1) Higher Open rates with SMS Marketing:

Consumers today are more distracted than ever. Having their inbox bombarded with emails and even junk emails irritates them, whereas SM marketing is a direct route to your audience’s attention. They receive your SMS directly, open them, and act upon it if interested 

2) More possibilities of deliverability via SMS Marketing

Unlike SMS Marketing emails tend to have a slow speed of deliverability, it takes up to one whole day to be received, and when it gets received, it might go junk. Whereas SMS has a high delivery rate and breakneck speed. It takes less than 3 to 4 seconds to be out, and it is 100% delivered to the destination. There is NO way for your SMS to have low deliverability.

3) SMS marketing is more adaptable towards customization:

Customization is the key to success nowadays. Your customers tend to like personalization; they love to be addressed personally on discounts, giveaways, contests, and so on. SMS marketing helps you grow that in your marketing strategy in which you can customize your SMS campaign. You can address the client by his name/preferences/ and so on. However, emails are more of a bug thing; they lack customization. You insert a layout, and that’s it! Isn’t it too old-fashioned! Your customers are waiting for you to address them via SMS Marketing!

4) Fastest responses than ever with SMS Marketing:

SMS marketing aids in having a quite interactive response out of a campaign. HOW IS THAT?

All you have to do is display the offer and make it as hot as it may appeal to the customer to make a purchase! Also, you can insert a link so your customers can check the offering and consider a response soon. While in emails, it’s different!! The response in emails is proven to be low in which people look at the layout and still lack the full excitement of making a purchase on the spot.

 SMS marketing is always the winner of every advertising medium.

Your marketing strategy needs both SMS marketing and email marketing, but it weighs the successful medium. In this case, it is SMS marketing obviously due to its incredible benefits.

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