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According to SMS Marketing Trends & Statistics – 2018 that how it works and how you as a brand can communicate more holistically and improve your marketing using SMS marketing, Read more

These days SMS is on the upswing of every business to communicate with their valuable customers. Every person uses the mobile phone and an SMS is the most convenient and easiest way to communicate and send business-related information. It is the most effective way to get a responsive and committed audience.

According to info graphics, more than 97 percent of messages are read by the people and their response rate is around 48 percent which is only five to six percent in case of email. Moreover, there are many countries across the globe where internet services are not preferred or are not present. In this scenario, SMS is the most adopted method to procure preparative communications.

To know the latest marketing trends and statistics of SMS, go through the following information graphics of 2018

• Global SMS users

Approximately 66 percent of the total population is using SMS service for business communication in the year 2018. The number is almost doubled in last five years.

• Response rate

The response rate of an SMS is very high than in an email, phone call or social media platform. According to info graphics, an email has a response rate of ninety minutes whereas a person can respond to an SMS in just ninety seconds.

• The number of SMSes sent

There are approximately five hundred million messages sent in a day that is around 182 billion in a year globally. These vast numbers made the messaging service the fastest growing marketing route.

• Business SMS users

Due to fast-growing market and SMS users, eight out of ten businesses use text messaging service for communication and promotion. These business users are growing every year and are likely to reach a large extent by the year 2020.


Following are the trends that are urging the messaging drive:

• AI is the new buzzword

Artificial intelligence is the new buzzword in SMS marketing. It is reinventing the entire scope of communication and taking the customer experience level to an entirely new height. A whopping number of marketing executives believe AI will revolutionize marketing by 2020. An AI based SMS marketing. Predictive technology, natural language processing, chat bots are changing the way we communicate and they are channelizing communication system for better interactivity and decision making.

• Content diversification

Marketers are increasingly investing their time and effort designing highly sophisticated variety of pinpointed content that matters. Gone are the days when brands needed to target audience using plain and simple words. Although simplicity has no substitute; brands that connect and collaborate with their audience using varied forms of content and context usually reach out to more set of audiences holistically.

Diversified Content Could Necessarily Be Used In Following Ways :

• Graphical representation of an idea

• Case studies with CTA

• Mixed media content

• Video content (Linked with text)

Some of the above-mentioned content might not be at all synced with the format of contextual marketing. A smartphone might not be able to play a video content integrated in its text messaging inbox. In order to meet the challenge; brands should reinvent their content strategy and integrate more meaningful yet interactive types of content in SMS. Mixed media in which you talk less but inspires action with a CTA (usually a link) is one form of specialized communication that works!

• Personalization

The new norm of communication is to use sophisticated words that work. And in order to gain interest of users, the most important thing that matters is personalization. The more personally you reach to audiences, better can you channelize your efforts?

• Customer feedback

A good number of tools and technologies are being increasingly used to receive highly sophisticated type of response and analytics; which are regulating the SMS marketing eco system. In order to win the market and make an edge; brands need to be very decisive and thus they need to use customer feedback system using latest tools.

Please check some of the other trends and deciders that are making an impact in the SMS marketing industry.

Below mention are Some of the trends that are making an impact of SMS are

• One time passwords

It is very important for a business to provide safety and security to its customers. To avoid any fraud or breach businesses provide A2P texts to its customer for secure communication.

• Alerts and Push Notifications

For secure login, password sharing and resets businesses use Application-to-person (A2P) texts. By the year 2018, approximately 2 trillion texts are sent globally.

• Event reminders

SMS is an easiest and fastest method to send reminders, pickups, delivery notifications and event invitations.

• Customer Support

A better and efficient customer support is possible through SMS by providing quick answers to customer queries, payment confirmation and stock availability etc.

According to SMS Marketing Trends 2018, SMS has proved very effective for engaging customers. It is one of the most used and efficient channels of marketing and communication in the year 2018.

Then, beginning onwards, the SMS marketing will continuously be in trend and it will keep on rocking the ecosystem of communication by providing useful information.

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