SMS Marketing Increases Black Friday Shoppers

Before we delve into the matters of bulk SMS marketing on Black Friday, please have a look into some of the awesome facts. After that, we are covering on some of the most useful ways to connect and collaborate with your audiences now!

Consumers spent $840 million through 10 a.m. Monday, equivalent to a 16.9 percent year-over-year growth. Source

According to Adobe, consumers spent $15.12 billion on Saturday and Sunday, a 10.1 percent year-over-year growth. Source

Black Friday is on its way, and marketers are looking for increased ways to connect and collaborate with their audiences.  This is the time when consumers are more connected and spend most of their time looking for preferable discounts opportunities across their preferred sellers. The best way to leverage on this time is to connect with your consumers using SMS.

So, what are the best ways to connect and collaborate with your audiences during this crucial time? With this blog, we try to find out some of the ways you can channelize your efforts and accordingly reach out to more audiences during this important time of the year. Please read on, and should you have any query to improve the blog, please leave your comment.

Personalize Your Message

The most important effort in your SMS marketing is to make consumers click on the call to action. The best way to do it is to personalize the message. You can do it by including the name of the recipients in the SMS. Having written the name of your prospective customer in the SMS develops a sense of intimacy and it is more likely that they will read and click on your message resulting in a sale.

Send Timely Message

Relevancy is important, and when it is black Friday, you need to be super timely. Learn what is the time when your consumers remain super active and when they are more promising to read your message. You can plan the delivery during the early morning when a customer gets ready for the day, during early work hours, before the consumers starts his day at work, during the evenings, when s/he is relaxed and before going to bed. Please plan your messaging hours according to the comfort ability of your customers.

Focus On The Discount

The user wants to learn why you want to contact them. Please be sure to concentrate on the core message and add discount. Plan the entire message around the discount. You can even use the help of data, analytics and past case studies to examine and cluster audience profiles, and then send them the discounts that they want to avail.

Let The Message Remain Short And Simple

One of the most crucial aspects of SMS on Black Friday is to keep your message short and simple. Instead of making the entire message lengthy and over compulsive, please use the help of brevity; which means focus on the message – and keep it very accurately simple. Making a lengthy message does not serve the purpose.

Other Ways To Promote Your Brand During The Black Friday

• Mention deal of the hour

• Extend the timing of the sale

• Spread the message

• Do not over emphasize

• Include the most attractive discounts

These are just some of the ways marketers can use Black Friday to drive sales. Using a holistic marketing technique and constantly reinventing newer ways to connect and collaborate with your audiences is how you can leverage on Black Friday!

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Leverage the potential of Black Friday to connect with new audiences. Here are more ways to generate more sales for your brand during the Black Friday.

Research the market – Learn what to do, what to send, when and how to send SMS

Pinpoint the most active users – Know who your audiences are, and how to reach out to the audiences. The more constructive your messages are, better is your chance to collaborate

Generate value-oriented ideas to connect and collaborate with them

A/B testing – You can test your SMS campaign before Black Friday. Please see which type of SMS are usually gets read, and which type of messages are not, and then based on the result, connect with your audiences.

One of the most practical and simplistic ways to connect with audiences on Black Friday is to be effective and be original. The more useful the entire message in the form of SMS, better and your chance for connecting with your audience.

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