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A simple text SMS marketing can let your customers realize that you appreciate their business and support and wish them a prosperous New Year. Spreading positive and cheer in your communications is always welcomed.

Here are some of the best ways to send your clients a meaningful New Year’s greeting:

Sending a New Year’s resolution promotion can be a great way to wish your clients a Happy New Year and motivate them towards their goals for the following year. 

Promotions and Discounts

Post-Christmas sales are still booming around New Year, and you can take the opportunity to wish your clients a Happy New Year by including discounts and promotions for your store. Retail stores can capitalize on this by slashing prices or offering enticing discounts to bring post-holiday shoppers to their locations.

It’s also the perfect time for nightclubs, bars, and event coordinators to draw bigger crowds at their venues by advertising through SMS marketing. Be sure to make your event even more enticing by including links to videos and make it easy for them to find you with a link to a map. 

Inspirational Quotes

Maybe you want your customers to know you wish them a Happy New Year. You can do this by sending an inspirational quote through text that will make them ponder. For philosophical quotes, check out this link. For entrepreneurial quotes, check out this list from Forbes. Self-improvement is another popular New Year’s resolution, so you can send your clients a quote to encourage them. A text message that has meaning and significance can help clients remember your business.

Visual Messages

A Happy New Year video or photo from your staff can add a nice personalized touch to your client base. Or a beautiful photograph with an SMS marketing wishing them a Happy New Year can help spread holiday cheer. Photos and videos can be effective ways to get your message across.

Please take advantage of this holiday season to text and SMS marketing your dearest clients and make the best out of their holiday experience. 

Whether you’re doling out useful advice for your clients’ New Year’s resolutions, offering them a discount on post-holiday merchandise, sending them a photo or video, asking for a donation, or sharing news of exciting changes to come. The SMS marketing message is ideal for reaching out to your customer base to wish them a Happy New Year.

Make sure you keep in touch with your valuable customers over the holidays with any of these Happy New Year text message types.

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