International Bulk SMS Messaging Service Provider, Reseller UAE - BroadNet Technologies

BroadNet provides cross-sector SMS marketing and Bulk Messaging Services that yield targeted results. Our experts have an exact understanding of how the entire SMS Marketing Campaign Life-cycle works.

First, a Promotional SMS Campaign is created for your SMS Marketing Campaign

The first process in creating a successful campaign is finalizing the campaign details. Numerous factors come into play here depending on the business objectives.

Now, a subscriber base for your SMS Marketing Campaign in chosen.

This is essentially setting up the targeting for your campaign. Choose that part of your subscriber base that best fit the profile for your campaign. Variables like area, age, gender, interests, etc. will determine the final shortlisted database.

Next, you create the SMS Marketing Campaign message that will be sent out.

You define what you want to send out to your subscribers. Brands usually offer promo codes and introductory offers for intensive tracking.

Your SMS Marketing Campaign in Broadcasted.

Everything is automated. You specify the date and time for the campaign to start. All subscribers in your selected database will receive the message.

Tracking and Follow-up your SMS Marketing Campaign

Conversions need to be tracked and nurtured further. Negative responses can be followed with survey questions or more offers that might bridge the gap further between you and your subscribers.

At Broadnet, our state-of-the-art mobile platform offers a direct real-time experience for our users to be able to track your SMS Marketing Campaign.

With our SMS marketing platforms, you can send and receive SMS, house contacts, stay up to date on business SMS Marketing Campaign and generate data reports that yield actionable results and conclusions.

Our mobile platforms enable SMS Marketing Campaign that span many features including:

  • SMS Notifications
  • SMS Marketing
  • SMS Reminders
  • SMS Confirmations
  • SMS Enquiries
  • Tracking and Analysis

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