SMS has imposed itself as one of the leading marketing tools of the 21st century, thanks to its constant progress and its demonstrated efficiency in the marketing field. As we all know, SMS has so many different features and can be utilized for different reasons, depending on the needs of each business.

Making formal announcements is most certainly one of the situations that requires the use of SMS, for many reasons. Formal announcements could be used for various situations such as announcing an important event in the city, announcing the inauguration of a fashion store, announcing information regarding a natural disaster that has just occurred, or even announcing that tomorrow is a day off for whatever reason.

Formal announcements are numerous and the need to inform people about them will always be big, especially that many of them are meant to be urgent messages.

When it comes to making an urgent announcement, SMS is always the best option because as it has the fastest delivery rate by some distance over its closest competitors. In addition to that, almost all recipients will read it as soon as they spot it, and that is exactly what you need when you’re looking to finish the delivery process in a timely-manner.

Likewise, when the situation requires being formal, there is no better way to do it than SMS. Have you ever received an email informing you about dangerous weather conditions? Have you ever waited to see a Facebook post to learn that the next day is off? Said platforms are not convenient for such sort of announcements, whereas an SMS is more private and delivers the message to every single person, without requiring them to make any effort for it. You won’t always have the required time nor the mood to navigate on your timelines and spot posts on social media. But when the information arrives to you directly, it makes your life much easier.

When it comes to such formal announcements, that are usually very important ones, you cannot play the “maybes” game and hope that everyone will find the post by their own. You want to make sure that everyone is going to read this precious information without even the need of moving a finger.

Moreover, most emails are ignored by the recipients anyway, that is if they do not end up in the junk or spam section in the first place. In other words, there is no guarantee that this way would be effective. So you could risk losing the opportunity to inform people about a major event that is set to take place in 24 hours. They may only spot this email in their junk 2 weeks later, when everything is already over and when it is too late.

For all the above-mentioned reasons and more, there is no running away from the fact that SMS is the best way to inform about something of high importance.

Since the start of the 21st century and up until now, SMS remains the leading platform to message people in a timely-manner. This situation is not set to change any time soon.

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