What is the best way to connect and collaborate with your audiences during the holiday season? Well, while there are a hood number of ways to position your branding using highly structured variety of useful marketing campaigns across the online and offline channels; there are a few techniques that always promise multiplied potentiality and better traction and visibility.

A lot of marketers – from both small and big brands – leverage on the potentiality of SMS marketing during the festive season and for a good number of reasons. Please find below some of the key benefits of leveraging on the potentiality of SMS marketing and how to make the most of this holiday season with Broadnet – your trusted SMS partner.

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The Key Benefits Of Using SMS Marketing During The Holiday Season

One of the most important reasons for using SMS marketing during holiday season is to maximize engagement portfolio. People remain mostly active on their mobile phone these days, and a lot of core decisions, including where and what to shop is done on their mobile phones. So, using SMS marketing in the right time and in the right way; for example sending a discount coupon about ongoing popular sales to someone when s/he is searching about budget shopping is a great idea.

Be Unique

This holiday season a customer is expected to get a lot of exposure about on going shopping and deals through a variety of means; including email and TV. When you solely rely on SMS and keep on sending your matters using the mobile phones, your messages are more likely to get noticed by your audiences. This way, you also stand out of the competition.

Reach Your Customers Where They Are

One of the most useful benefits of SMS marketing is that you can reach out to your audiences wherever they are. You simply need to identify the potential grounds and then send them with prospective messages. Wherever your audiences are – whether they are shopping at a shopping mall or are thinking to go out for shopping – you can reach out to them irrespective of geographical boundaries. So, proximity and relevancy along with timeliness play a very important role when it comes to connecting with your audiences during the crucial time of festivals. In this respect, you can almost always take the help of SMS marketing.

More Benefits Of Using SMS Marketing During The Festival Time

• Higher open rates than emails

• Cost effective way to connect and collaborate with your prospects

• Mobile-friendly

• Higher engagement rate

• Quickest delivery

• Higher customer opt-in rate

• Flexible and customizable

What All Can Be Conveyed Using SMS Marketing During Festive Season

A lot of details can be conveyed to your prospects using SMS marketing during the holiday season . Stock availability, Clearance Sales, Opening Hours, Delivery information, Product discounts & Promotions and more; SMS can be a great way to communicate with your audiences about the most important things on time during the festive time.

How To Make The Most Of This Holiday Season Using SMS Marketing

• Identify the right audiences using research

• Analyze their buying patterns and spending habits

• Learn what is the good time to send them SMS so that they can read

• Promote your products and message

• Improve your SMS and campaign with continuous development

• Make sure to add the most important details and make the entire message readable

SMS Marketing Trends And Tips For Better Engagement 2018

The use of AI and analytics is making SMS marketing more smart and accurate

Audiences are looking for short and simple messages with relevancy. Therefore, content needs to be very intelligent and highly precise

The entire SMS marketing industry is phasing through many revolutions, one being remaining competitive and countering the constant threats posed by other marketing channels. While SMS marketing is a better form of marketing than others in terms of response rate and better engagement, companies in this sector or SMS marketing service providers are devising newer ways to be more relevant

The company has a state-of-the-art and effective mobile platform, which is guaranteed to offer a direct, real-time and riveting experience for users and SMS is just the ticket to put your message across them.

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