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SMS features keep gaining momentum year after year, as successful businesses look to take advantage in order to boost their sales. To reach such heights of success is not possible without implementing intelligent marketing strategies – making SMS marketing one of the most sought after.

Why does SMS make your business more profitable?

• It’s the best way to connect with customers: On average, people check their mobile phones more than 90 times per day. So no matter in which moment of the day you send your SMS, your desired recipient will almost certainly read your SMS . It goes without saying that the more people you connect with, the higher your chance to sell a specific product or service.

• Personalized reach: One of the main reasons why people tend to engage with SMS more than with other traditional marketing platforms, is because SMS generates the feeling that the recipient is being valued, and that said company is making an effort to reach him or her in private, rather than just posting a general post – and whoever reads it, reads it. Instead of sending “dear customer”, advanced SMS features give your business the opportunity to write the recipient’s name in an automated process, quite easy to implement.

• An SMS is short and hits the point: People already have an idea in mind that an SMS will not take any of their precious time away from them. You rarely see someone who is too lazy to read 140 characters or so. In addition to that, you can add links to invite your potential clients for an action or a transaction. This way, your business can take advantage of the attention it has gained, to generate profit as well as make their brand famous and easier to identify with.

• Exclusive offers: Customers are always in the hunt for exclusive offers. It is very usual to send them via SMS, as past experiences have demonstrated that it is a very effective way that catches the attention of clients and generates a feeling of excitement within them, “they took their time to send me this exclusive offer privately, it’s my turn to return the favor and make a transaction!”

• Reach a high audience: Whether you want to boost your business locally or drive it to a global scale because it has already proved its local success, SMS marketing is a very convenient solution for both situations. BroadNet has a categorized database in many Arab countries such as Lebanon, UAE, KSA and Egypt, as well a huge non-categorized one across the globe, meaning that we can deliver your message to millions of recipients, of those who you had never reached out yet. When you elevate your audience this much in such short time, you can expect a notable increase in sales, especially if your content is catchy and engaging enough.

At the end of the day, we have to remember that the most important thing for customers is the quality of the product or service that they want to purchase. If you are confident that what you offer is good enough, but is not receiving the positive feedback you had been hoping for, because you are failing to market it, then BroadNet is definitely your best alternative.

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