As it is well-known, an SMS gateway is a website that allows users to send SMS messages from a web browser to people within the area that is covered by said gateway. In addition to that, an SMS gateway can also serve as an international gateway for users with roaming capabilities, henceforth enabling the possibility to using SMS despite being away from their network.

BroadNet’s SMS gateway is an advanced Bulk SMS gateway for aggregator, carriers and operators. Our platform is designed for mission critical solution, as the gateway that we offer you is indeed very reliable and unique. We can therefor enable your business to do an array of things, including sending WAP push messages, text messages, binary messages, WAP multimedia messages, multimedia messages and more, in a timely-manner.

In addition to that, we offer a dedicated SMS gateway platform where large volume is required. Or you can alternatively choose a hosted gateway where you will get the integration of SMPP and API functionality as a service. Moreover, you don’t need to download nor install any software, nor even acquire any new hardware to take advantage of this feature. We’ve got everything ready and prepared for you.

As a matter of fact, the number of businesses relying on the use of SMS gateway has drastically increased in the past few years for various reasons, as said businesses have decided to offer their customers the possibility of SMPP access, regardless of their geographical location.

It is worth noting that with our hosted SMS gateway platform, you can even add your own SMPP accounts and even set up new routing capabilities and routers without the risk of exposing your provider to the clients.

There are various advantages of using the SMS gateway of BroadNet Technologies:

 We offer access to experienced and professional customer care staff any time of the day. Our staff will help you deploy and even manage the SMS gateway, according to the specific needs of your business.

 Low initial expenditure with our dedicated or hosted gateway. While using our services, as already mentioned, you won’t need to install any software or buy extra hardware. Additionally, our gateway will allow your business to leverage the existing technologies against a new system.

 We offer a service level agreement, therefor guaranteed peak performance level to our clients in the event of any disaster recovery, business continuity or even security threats.

 Thanks to our very convenient system, you can actually predict all your operating costs, making your life much easier. This may be attributed to our contracted services, based on either a fixed flat-rate billing, or monthly billing charges.

Our SMS gateway will facilitate your business process in so many ways by resending or rerouting pending messages in automated fashion, or by offering you loop detection and the ability of making an action, or by the fact that it enables you to check your SMSC status and statistics.

BroadNet’s SMS gateway is one of the various reasons as to why we have become global leaders in the mobile telecommunications industry. Contact us, and let’s exchange our ideas and give you suggestions as to how we can help you move your business forwards.

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