SMS and social media can complement your marketing strategy

SMS Marketing has imposed itself as a key factor in the strategies that major firms have followed in recent times. But that does not imply that it cannot be used in parallel with social media. As a matter of fact, the more you expand your presence across all platforms that have the potential to be effective, the more likely it is that you will end up with satisfying results.

To put things into perspective, why would you take advantage of one eye instead of taking advantage of both? Businesses are always looking to maximize their potential and make the best out of it. This is mainly the difference between the leading businesses and the ones who have been caught up with time.

In fact, SMS can serve as the pioneer in helping you promote your various marketing channels, and for various reasons:

• Linking via SMS: You can always send your text message followed by a short URL linking it to the social media platform you would like to boost, namely Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. This means that you can take advantage of thousands, if not millions of bulk SMS messages not just to market a product and/or service, but also to simultaneously promote your own account on social media!

• Web tracking via our platform: We at BroadNet Technologies offer you the possibility to web-track said URL link and get the most relevant stats regarding how many users have clicked it. This way you can deduce how people are responding to your messages, which therefor offers you the possibility to decide how to use this service in future campaigns.

• Stats about who clicked the links: BroadNet Technologies offer you the option of identifying every single number that has positively engaged with your call to action, and has indeed pressed on the URL link that you had posted. This way, you can grow your database and gather valuable information that can help enhance your marketing strategy.

• Growing your fan base on social media: If your content is catchy enough and if the products and/or services that you are marketing have the potential to grab the interest of people, then they will likely not just click on the URL links but also go further and press like or follow on your social media page or account. This way, you would have grown your audience to reach new heights.

The above-mentioned process is a non-ending cycle, because birth rates will never stall down any-time soon, and because there are always new users who are buying mobile phones with mobile numbers for the first time, as they reach a specific age that allows it in their society. So every single year, the number of mobile numbers increase by millions, meaning that you should always maintain this strategy, especially as you realize it by yourself, how it is positively impacting your business.

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