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Using SMS updates is an effective way of reaching the desired recipients

SMS updates have become a crucial part of the marketing strategy of different types of leading companies and corporations such as banks, airlines, hotels, hospitals, electronics, restaurants, retail-shops, furniture shops, travel agencies, universities, schools and more.

Time is very precious in the real world, and most business organizations cannot afford the required duration to manually send SMS texts to every single person, as it would take an eternity and would not be efficient. Let’s take the example of a huge retail shop that sells thousands of items per day, but wants to send a thank you message for every client who has purchased an item. How much time would it take to do it manually? Well, let’s not even waste our time thinking about it.

That is why, the option of automated SMS updates became an integral part of BroadNet’s SMS services. In this case, the retail shop has to work on collecting relevant information about their customers, such as their name, phone number et al, in order to improve their database.

How can BroadNet intervene?

An SMS API is by definition a software interface which enables you to send a huge quantity of SMS messages in a timely-manner. All you need to do is to integrate our SMS API with your business. And then, you will choose to customize your SMS messages accordingly, which will lead you to amazing results such as:

• For retails shops: The option to send an automatic thank you message for every client who performs a transaction, with his or her name.

• For Banks: Every customer who performs a transaction via credit card, will get an immediate SMS message offering details about the financial situation of said credit card.

• For restaurants: For every order, to send a thank you message for the customer, as well as to wish them to enjoy their breakfast, lunch or dinner.

• For airlines: The option of sending very valuable information regarding a flight delay for instance. This is especially when important when a customer is out of mobile data, luckily, they can still receive an SMS message either way.

And so on. The examples are endless, as BroadNet Technologies guarantees high quality with very competitive prices – a unique combination that is rare to find in today’s market.

In addition to that, we can provide you a FREE API, SMPP, or HTTP Access Keys that will enable you to do an integration with your software, where you can start sending an automatic SMS for your customers. Furthermore, we are proud to reaffirm that our SMS delivery rate is as close as it gets to 100%.

Because we know how precious your time is, we would like to introduce automatic SMS updates to enhance your marketing strategy. Whether you are looking to send tons of SMS notifications or reminders regarding schedulers, birthdays, alerts, news or to simply thank your customers for dealing with you, we’ve got it all covered here at BroadNet.

What are you waiting for? Get in touch with BroadNet Technologies and let’s get started!

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