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Text sms marketing is a key factor for your business success. Grow your business now with SMS through its key tips.

Text sms marketing is a fast and immediate way of communicating a single focused message to a mass audience, with a strong call to action (CTA). If this sounds like it’s a good fit for your overall marketing strategy, let’s dive right into the 9 golden rules for writing text messages.

Many businesses have discovered the benefits of text sms marketing as a customer service tool.

Not only does this help personalize and strengthen your relationship with existing customers, but it’s also an efficient way of reducing phone inquiries and minimizing no-shows and cancellations. Perfect if your business is in the service or hospitality industry.

It can be used in conjunction with your social media marketing to run competitions or polls. And, of course, text sms marketing is an ideal communications tool for in-store sales and promotions.

Keep It Short And Sweet

You need to get to the point. Straight away.

Throw out everything you learned in school about complete sentences and grammar. Forget all those copywriting techniques about building empathy.

A simple technique is to use the ‘what-where-when-how’ structure. Like this:

Hot tip #1

Unless you have a short, snappy domain name and you’re linking to your home page, you should try to avoid spelling out an entire URL. Instead, use a link optimizer like to reduce your long-winded URL to a space-saving snippet that’s much easier on the eye.

Hot tip #2

Always make sure the recipient knows who the sender is (which is a legal requirement, by the way). In the first example above, the business name (The Dress Shop) is obvious in the URL; while in the second one, it has to be included separately (Reds Salon) because you can’t identify the brand from the URL.

Be Specific: Focus On One Message, One Action

text sms marketing  is not the way to promote your summer sale, change of address, and your new website in one hit. That’s why you have an email newsletter. For example, let’s say you have an eyewear store and you want to get rid of last season’s frames, here’s the text you might send out:

Hot tip

The timing of your SMS in these circumstances is as important as the wording. If you’re trying to entice people to your venue on a Friday night, send the text late Friday afternoon when they’re more likely to be making plans, not two days earlier.

 Text messaging is one of the most important tools in a business’s marketing strategy, but it shouldn’t be the only one.

Your first point of contact with your customers and prospects will always be via another method, either physical or online. After all, you can’t start sending them texts until they’ve opted in and to do that, they need to discover your store, website, social media account, or some other presence.

But, following them up via short, focused, punchy, powerful texts is one hell of a way to stay connected.

Happy texting with Broadnet!