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Is SMS marketing still a thing on social media?

SMS marketing campaigns can open doors for existing and new clients to be always aware of your presence. 

For the vast majority of your customers, social media is inextricable from the fabric of their lives. Consumers’ favorite brands, entertainment preferences, and most treasured memories are shared with friends and family on their favorite social media platforms, like Facebook.

Now’s the time for a social media network to start making decisions on increasing loyalty in such a saturated market, managing security for its users and finding fresh ways of monetizing its offering.

Leading networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn use SMS – here are 7 smart ways social networks can use SMS services:

1)      User authentication: Most social networking apps use SMS services for user verification – for example, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, and Viber – as they hold a lot of personal information about their users. When a user signs in, a one-time PIN (OTP) is sent to a registered mobile number to complete the login process.

2)     Updates on the go: SMS services allow users to make updates when they don’t have internet or own a smartphone, whether it’s a status update, profile change, posting photos etc. Both Facebook and Twitter use this SMS service.

3)     Content distribution: Similar to in-app alerts, social networks like MySpace use SMS to update its members on new content that has been shared.

4)     Notifications: SMS alerts can be set to notify users of page updates, for example, selected friends, important changes to a friend’s profiles or invites from other users to join a social group.

5)     Furthering competitions: To increase the reach beyond people liking your page, in the case of Facebook, businesses use SMS to their database to spread the word about a competition. This way you not only get more fans but also give them an incentive to like your page.

6)     Driving traffic: There is nothing wrong with asking users to follow you via SMS so consider including a link on your messages. This way, users can also receive updates via social media instead of SMS.

7) Monetizing social media: Social networks can offer SMS updates as part of a premium service package, for example, weather updates, sports scores, and travel information. Another way to monetize SMS is through sponsorship. Once you’ve established an SMS alert rivulet, you could have it sponsored by related businesses.

SMS marketing is essential to any marketing strategy especially nowadays in which your audience is a bunch of mobiles attracted people.

So whether you are currently developing your social media app or looking for fresh ways to promote your service, don’t forget SMS services as tried-and-tested add-ons to your service.

For more ideas on how other companies are using SMS within social networking, try using Broadnet SMS services!

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