SMS marketing allows businesses to know WHOM to send the SMS to, and that is by knowing how to target your clients.

Segmentation is a popular strategy used in marketing to break down a large target audience into smaller, more homogenous groups of customers. The point is to make SMS marketing efforts in this view more efficient by investing in communication that connects with customers most likely to buy your product while minimizing wasted spending on those who won’t. Several common techniques are used to segment markets.

If your company is capable of maintaining a database of its own, then it should be flattered to have the ability to segment this database in a way to benefit from. 

You can segment your target market by demographics, this is where customers are targeted based on shared traits. Age, race, gender, marital status, income, education, and occupation are typical identifiers used in demographic segmentation. This approach works well if you have an easily identifiable customer profile. Your SMS then will be sent to people within this age range and so on. 

Another way of segmentation is segmenting by lifestyle, which is targeting people out of their lifestyle and what they do in life. 

If your SMS is about a differentiated product let’s say it can work this way. For example, companies that sell camping equipment might find it difficult to target customers demographically, since a wide range of people participates in outdoor recreation. Thus, planning an SMS marketing campaign for these people has to be then requested to be sent to a segment of people having a lifestyle. 

If you’re planning to run an SMS campaign within a definite area as well, you can segment the target market then by area. Having lots of people distributed in a wide range of towns and cities, you have to be aware of targeting the people who are closer to your store to benefit from the offering, not for your SMS to go in waste and not benefit from it.

Another glance, if you’re planning to spot the lights on certain people in the community then you should segment your SMS campaign by profession. There are plenty of professions that rule our lives today such as doctors, engineers, teachers, nurses and so on. Thus, if you’re planning for a campaign targeting doctors alone then you should to go for the profession segment and choose it RIGHT.

 SMS marketing enables you to know your customer base and providing a personalized experience for them. 

Market segmentation for your SMS campaign is a highly effective strategy for every marketing team. It proves to your customers that you understand them by providing a tailored message that resonates with specific facets of their lives.

We at Broadnet offer you the best out of segmentation of your target throughout your SMS marketing strategy. Our database is highly segmented in a way that suits your business. 

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