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 SMS marketing permits companies to schedule their SMS campaign on the day and time they are better off with that.

There isn’t a magic time or an approved time that will guarantee your success when it comes to sending SMS campaigns. After all, the average person checks their mobile phone 150 times a day! When that check-in occurs is entirely dictated by their behaviors and decisions.

So, what do you think of a perfect time for your SMS campaigns to be out? 

Here are some indications on how to set the SMS campaign timing.

How customers react to your SMS often depends on the content you’re promoting.

  • Simple SMS Tip: The most helpful tip for deciding when to send messages is determining when you’re most interested in your customers taking action. If your SMS has information valuable for the start of the day, aim to send a text between 8 am and 12 pm.

If you think people will have a better chance of taking action on your message when they’re winding down from their day, try to send or schedule your campaign between 5 pm and 9 pm.

  • Be Considerate of Your Customer’s Schedules

Avoid scheduling your SMS campaigns too early in the morning or too late at night. After all, you communicate quickly and directly with consumers, and you want to respect their time and space. If you’re marketing to customers all across the country, be mindful of time zones. You don’t want to wake your customers who forgot to turn on “Do Not Disturb.”

  • Examine Different Days of The Week

Hate Mondays? You’re not alone. Most people are more irritable and more sleep-deprived at the beginning of the week, so Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays tend to be the most popular days for SMS campaigns. Some businesses have had successes with sending text messages on the weekend because of less competition from competitors. It’s a common theme to send SMS over the weekend, so people have more time to think about it and then do the action first of the week.

  • Plan For Times Your Customers Are Already on the Phone

Although most people take their mobiles everywhere, they still spend more time on them at certain times of the day than others. Avoid sending text messages during rush hour and the times your customers are at work. You can send them the SMS on lunch breaks or even the time they finish work and head home. This way they are more prone to check your SMS and benefit from it. 

Your SMS campaigns will not go to waste when you know when and how to schedule them. 

It’s normal to have to experiment a bit with send times before finding success with your SMS campaigns.

All customers are different, and there isn’t a “one size fits all” method for scheduling SMS. Try a variety of ways, and sooner or later, you’ll learn how your customers tick. 

With Broadnet Technologies’ expertise in this matter, we can help you set the right time to schedule your SMS campaign right! 

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