These are some intellect and efficient SMS writing styles that have high chances of getting attention and immediately read by your target customers via Broadnet

SMS marketing has become one of most dominant marketing tool that sends messages vigorously to the audience. If you are looking to grow at a fast rate in your business then SMS channel is the most productive and profitable of all. It gives high returns at low investment value.

How to send SMS that gets read?

An SMS has the fastest delivering and an opening rate than any other mode of communication. It helps in developing special bond with the customers by sending personalized messages according to their interests. SMS brings an unbelievable benefit to any business marketing strategy which totally depends on the agility of your message writing.

Here are few tips suggesting SMS etiquettes that get read by the target audience.

• Offer Incentives

A message always gets more response if you offer deals or coupons to the customers who are your subscribers. This makes them feel special and more connected to your business.

• Keep your message short and simple

No one likes to read large and forwarded messages. A message should be highly informative, short and simple. It should be a compact form of detailed information that you want to deliver to your customers.

• Integrate Multi-Media Messaging Service

Sometimes it is not possible to deliver information in short form and also it is not advisable to write a message stuffed with characters. So, to win over this situation sending images and short clips can be a good idea of sending information to the customers.

• Personalise and target

You are absolutely wasting money if you are not using demographics. You know your customers taste, buying habits, likes and dislikes. Sending a personalised message to the target audience increase customer satisfaction and maximise your marketing potential.

• Be Professional

Abbreviations and slang language can be good for your friends but not advisable for your clients. Be focus on writing a simple message in a professional manner without using any form of signs, emoticons, abbreviations or slangs etc.

• Create urgency

Sometimes it is beneficial to ask customers to respond quickly before the deal gets expired. It helps in getting an immediate response.

• Hook messages to social media

If a message is insufficient for delivering information then hook your short message to the social media page where you want to direct your customers by providing a valid link.

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