When you need to alert of something to a group of people instantly, there is no better way to do it than using bulk SMS. Bulk SMS marketing has been a steady form of generating regular audience engagement drive meaningful results and create long-standing connections with customers.

With the availability of high-end marketing channels that integrate the advances of new-age technology such as AI, leveraging on this form of marketing for improved results has become more profitable. Today, we will discuss some of the most relevant and pinpointed strategies around bulk SMS.

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• What is bulk SMS

• How to generate better audience engagement using bulk SMS?

• How to improve your bulk SMS engagement program?

What Is Bulk SMS

The term bulk SMS refers to sending regularized form of SMS to a selective set of audiences instantly. The purpose of sending an SMS that is bulk could be for marketing, information purpose. The benefits of sending bulk SMS are many. SMS is read than any other form of marketing thus it generates better audience engagement.

Using SMS, you can connect with your audiences holistically. Bulk SMS has been known for generating true value. Because an SMS is a personal form of communication, and serves as a real-time, two way communication, you can effectively send marketing messages clearly. It generates better value and can reach to people wherever they are; breaking the limitations of geographical boundary.

You can schedule it, you can necessarily track it using delivery reports and you can send bulk SMS messages from a computer. Bulk SMS is cheaper than phone call, takes less time to send a message than to dial a number.

How To Generate Better Audience Engagement Using Bulk SMS?

When it comes to generating better audience engagement using bulk SMS, some of the core things that you should take into consideration include the following –

• Pinpoint your audiences – Make a comprehensive search about who your audiences are, and then gradually narrow down on to the list using their preferences

• Learn what is the best time to send SMS- When it comes to sending SMS, one of the most useful things you need to know is to learn the timing that is good for sending SMS. Sending SMS at a proper time multiplies the chance of someone’s reading it and thereby the message gets attention

— Test: Use some samples and test which type of bulk SMS is being read mostly. And based on the result, make sure to use the one that is popular.

— Improve: After measuring result, one of the things that as a marketer, you should focus is to improve your campaign by constantly learning.

How To Improve Your Bulk SMS Engagement Program?

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