In the earlier article, a beginner’s guide to SMS API code , we discussed the importance, benefits, and standalone functions and pinpointed features of SMS API codes. With this article, we take the discussion further and cover SMS integration using API in a specific system – PHP.


If API offers a launch pad (program) by providing all the building blocks, programmers put the building blocks together – offering an enhanced flow of integrated setup, sophisticatedly developed interface that help solve the purpose of uncomplicating communication.

API is a comprehensive set of routines, protocols, and tools, which help build software applications. An API specifies and develops defined set up how software programs should interact with each other.

Function of SMS APIs in PHP

Generating specialized APIs for SMS or chat applications has never been a challenge with the easy availability of so many sources; from where you can easily integrate the code into your system to define and manage a specialized purpose. When the PHP API is integrated into your system, it will allow for the easy delivery of SMS messages to be sent from your application. Among the many things that SMS APIs do, some of the core functions necessarily are –

 Function of SMS APIs in PHP
  • Send SMS notifications automatically when an enquiry is done in an online directory
  • Notify clients via SMS about the progress or development of a product/service
  • Send automated SMS messages directly from your own standalone software

How to integrate SMS API in PHP?

Integrating SMS API in PHP is functionally not a tough task. All you need is to choose your API from a trusted source. And after that follow the procedures to holistically choose from the listed source and then integrate them into your bespoke software system to start using the service. One case in example is to send automated bulk SMS from the server and networked system set up of an online booking service provider.

Integrating SMS API in PHP using BroadNet

One of the trusted sources to easily and systematically receive SMS API in PHP is to use BroadNet. As a user to start getting the API, you simply need to visit source pages such as this. or this and click on the PHP code to receive the example code.

After getting the code and saving them, you simply need to use them. Simply integrate the code into your system and then decide which functions to prefer and set up; based on your standalone needs.

BroadNet offers a portfolio of SMS gateway platform for helping SMS chat application companies with SMS gateway system and enhanced and improved SMS gateway for sending text messages to hundreds of mobile networks.

The simplistic coding system backed by BroadNet’s expertise uncomplicate the entire process of managing communication on SMS chat application.