In our previous article coverages, we explained what is API, what they do, how important they are etc, and how to integrate SMS API in PHP. With this article, we will talk about How to integrate SMS API in another popular application – ASP.NET

Before we begin, let us recap some crucial definition to better grasp the entire topic. An SMS gateway allows a computer to either send or receive to and from a telecommunication network. And, an API is the collection of standalone routines, protocols, and tools for building and managing software applications; which help in the processing attribute.

An example of an API in action is the SMS chat application APIs. They oftentimes need to send specialized notifications and alerts to their users in order to keep them updated with offers, genuine notifications. To send volumes of such SMS in an interactive systematic manner; SMS APIs help.

When it comes to integrating the APIs, you can count on a number of sources that offer easy integration of SMS API services , and lets you access and download the specialized codes; such as example codes.

BroadNet’s improved SMS gateway

How to integrate SMS API in ASP.NET

Rather than opting for the easily available source APIs, if you are in the need of some genuine assistance; and want to uncomplicate the entire system using a trusted and simplistic SMS API, you can simply start use a professional SMS API and SMS gateway service provider such as BroadNet

BroadNet’s improved SMS gateway

BroadNet has so far been counted as a very well-known service provider across industries and clients for they have found it a reliable and very sophisticated and channelized gateway that have helped a number of very respected companies; who need to tune up with the latest trends by connecting and collaborating with their audiences sending specialized SMS


The first step to integrate SMS API in Dot Net is to go to the BroadNet’s website, visit the developer’s tool section and check out the specialized section from where you want the API code to be downloaded and then used in your own standalone and bespoke software so that it can start sending messages as part of promotional campaign or as part of an ongoing or just literally any other purpose marketing.

Using BroadNet’s specialized and systematic SMS API which need to be integrated in your system so that they can start functioning is simple, extremely uncomplicated and easy to use. Should you want to learn more about the features, and download the code; please visit the website and ask for the difference!