An effective and efficient customer service is vital for the impeccable running of the business. Among many different marketing strategies, a text message service is a very powerful marketing tool to promote products and services of the business. It has also proved beneficial in getting feedback and suggestions from the customers. This service can be used to enlarge customer service.

Those businesses that are already using text message service for communicating customers are very successful in their trade. Below are the points that help you improve your customer service using text messaging and help you take the full leverage of this service to support and retain your customers.

SMS has terrific value through the aspect of customer service. Following points will help you relish all the benefits and prosperity of your business

Use text message service when the time is essential

Customer service via text message can be performed in a timely manner as a message can be opened on an average of around 2-3 minutes. Many businesses use phone calls to communicate and for delivering updates to its customers. This method is not very successful as people are less likely active to check their voicemails. Sending appointments, reminders, schemes and offers etc through a text message boost the overall customer exposure.

Introduce post-contact surveys

While using a text message service the business must know what is beneficial and erroneous for it. One of the effective ways to know the business eminence is by providing its customers with the post-contact feedback surveys. The survey should comprise of only 3-4 questions, easy to read and relevant to the customer’s requirements from the business.

Be timely responsive

An SMS is the most responsive and the quickest method of communication between customers and business. A business should be timely responsive or set an automated message to respond its customers if the message sent off business hours. It is very important to preserve the SMS medium of the business

Do not overdo text message

It is crucial to know the relevance and Importance of SMS channel. Use other modes such as email, fax and phone etc whenever required. It is an important medium and should not be overused to sustain its seriousness.

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