We all know that in today’s digital era SMS has emerged as a most powerful tool of marketing and promotions. Around the world, many big and small enterprises are using this channel in different creative ways to advertise their businesses. Where on front end, it is being used as a powerful marketing tool; on the other back end it is also providing a promising business opportunity to those who want to become a SMS reseller. By becoming a SMS reseller you can actually tap the possibilities of new, growing digital market. 

So, if you too are thinking of becoming a SMS reseller, here we are giving you few more details on it.Read further to know more: 

• First and foremost; have at least basic knowledge of computer

When jumping into the pool of computers, you should have at least basic knowledge of computers. You should know how to set up an internet connection? What is an API? How to set up a user friendly interface? How to resolve queries and problems of clients? Etc this will help you get engaged with the business in better way. 

• Make sure to have good audience reach

Don’t start this business just because it is in trend or it promises a bright future. Start it only if it interests you and you have all the required details and a full proof plan of it. Before actually starting up with it, prepare a plan to reach the customers and tap new markets.

• Like in every other business- maintain money liquidity

Although this business does not require huge capital investment but still it is always recommended to own a descent level of money liquidity. This will help you upgrade with the technology quickly and can also give you the power to expand and progress.

• Ensure a good, reliable, trustworthy and 24X7 customer support

Becoming a SMS reseller is simple but it is surely a hard deal to maintain good reputation while earning name in the market. And the best way to do is by offering strong, user-friendly, and reliable and 24*7 customer support services.

 Apart from all this, you also need to offer services that comprise of: 

• An easy to use interface that is easy to understand and use by clients

• Both transactional and promotional SMS services

• Short code and long code solutions

• Delivery report on demand to your clients 

Above mentioned details will definitely help you in dealing the complexities that are involved with the business of SMS reseller. You will also get a better clarity that will help you get involved with the business in better way. It is surely that one business which requires minimum investment and will still transit you smoothly onto an interesting career path. So, make sure to start it with full preparation after making a full proof plan

 How to become a reseller with Broadnet? 

The reseller client of Broadnet needs to invest a very low amount to become a partner but can sell the services to his appointed resellers at his own price list. This brings the clients of Broadnet a very high return on investment. The company also offer the bulk SMS control panel to the clients and also to their reseller clients. The clients of Broadnet can start immediately after joining by bringing bulk SMS orders in large quantity.

 Which are the steps to become an SMS Reseller with Broadnet?

When you join Broadnet, you achieve a number of standalone benefits. There are number of benefits –

• Join a growing community of people working in together

• Instant activation of white-label website without charging any setup fee.

• Create unlimited re-sellers or users under your account.

• Reseller web interface

• Delivery Report

• Fastest delivery

• Http API

• SMPP v3.4

• 24/7 technical support

• The second-to-none feature is the exclusive pricing with special discounts on quantity

• Sub Domain Website with 05 Pages and control panel

• You can also create your sub Re-seller 

To learn more about Broadnet reseller, please visit their website. www.broadnet.me

About BroadNet Technologies

BroadNet Technologies is an international leading Business Messaging Solution Provider. It’s joined the GSMA as an Associate Member also it has been awarded certification to the ISO 27001:2013; BroadNet Technologies has been a pioneer in the use of SMS-messaging service across global markets since 2003 thus widening its range of products and services to include Bulk SMS, A2P SMS, HLR Lookup Service, SMSC Gateway, SMS Firewall, Web Solutions, and Mobile Applications . The company has over 200 employees and it is working with over 60,000+ satisfied global clients. It is one of the largest international networks in telecommunications business worldwide

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