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A text message is a perfect way to persuade and influence last minute sale. Many business owners master the skill of using this tool to accelerate business sale. In other words, this intelligence driven messaging is a marketing automation tool that can be used a great way of promoting your business.

Here, We Are Giving You Few Tips That Can Every Business Owner Can Use To Drive Last Minute Sales. Take A Look:

Use The Concept Of Price Hike Notification

If you are about to hike or revise the price of your products and services make sure to put them on sale before actually doing it. Informing your clients and customers about price hike notification will surely increase the last minute sale. This strategy let people take action early.

Intimate customers of product launch closing

Always keep a contact number list of your loyal customers to update them about your new product/business launch. Whether you want to update your customers about last minute cross sales or offering any bonus or launch of any product/service; sometimes last minute message can trigger the sale in a way that you have not even imagined.

Free trial ending

Notifying your prospects about free trials can be another way of accelerating last minute sales with SMS reminders. And not just for intimating free trials, this service can also be used to take follow ups. But don’t forget to give your customers an option of un-subscription to your customers.

Last minute notification

Another way to drive up sales is sending last minute notifications through messages. A short and simple text message offering an attracting deal is yet another way of generating more sales.

Free gift/Lucky draw promotion

Last but not the least; how could we forget about last minute free gift/discount vouchers/ lucky draw promotions are also an interesting way to accelerate sales.

While using text messages make sure to create sense of urgency in order to accelerate last minute sales. Use these text messages as last minute reminders to get best outcomes from it. Use the right promotion strategy to make best use of it