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If you think SMS marketing is somehow obsolete, you might be thinking about your marketing strategy wrong.

Winning customers and collecting their data can be extremely time consuming and costly. Admittedly there is no better feeling in the world than winning a new customer, especially if it has taken what feels like an age to get them over the line.

But what happens if you spend all that time and resources winning them, they make their first purchase and that’s it, they have bought from you once, but they are gone, never to be seen again.

To win back customers you need to be able to get in contact with them. As SMS marketing text messages have a much higher open rate than email, SMS marketing is the perfect way to rekindle with lost customers.

  1. Give them an amazing offer with a time limit

Send them a personalized offer, but don’t just send them any old offer, make it an offer they won’t be able to resist. Don’t just offer them 10% off, make it too good to be missed, and set a time limit for it to claim by. Remember you want these customers back, so sending them a normal offer won’t entice them enough.

This is probably the easiest way to win customers back, as the majority of people who go elsewhere will be because of the price – they found what you were offering cheaper somewhere else.

2a. Send an even better offer to those who still didn’t purchase

A week after your initial offer has finished, send an even better offer to those that didn’t claim the offer the first time around.

This may only get a handful of more purchases, but we have found that sending a second message, or a reminder message, has a hugely positive effect.

2b. Send a second offer to those customers that bought

At the same time as you are sending the second offer to those who didn’t make a purchase the first time around, send a separate message to everyone who did claim the offer.

  1. Follow up with a survey

Find out what your customers like or dislike. It’s important to know what you are good at and where you need to improve.

A great way to get people to answer a survey is by offering an incentive, so you could say, by answering the SMS survey they will be entered into a draw to win something, a holiday, iPad, box of chocolates –whatever prize you think would work the best for your customers and is in your budget.

SMS is an effective tool to retain your customers and work on their loyalty.

By following these 4 simple steps you will have engaged with lost customers, got them to buy from you again, found out what they like and dislike about you, and got them to sign up to loyalty program. No business wishes to lose any of their customers so work on this point and adopt SMS marketing strategies and SMS solution from Broadnet Technologies.

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