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Fax machines are not portable, internet connectivity for sending email is not readily available everywhere, a phone call might be expensive at places. While on the contrary, SMS stands a clear winner against all its competitors in this world of communication. How? Read on this article for clearer insights and better understanding as to why text messages in bulk SMS and other format are becoming popular worldwide.

A personal means of communication

SMS is more personal means of communication, It directly reaches to the recipient’s mobile phones – straight into their hand so they can read it whenever they want, wherever they are; at the time of their preference. So, SMS offers a very free-flow and direct means of communication; with least bothering of barriers.

A practical, two-way communication

Real-time two-way messaging system makes the entire module of communication more effective. Receiving replies promotes a holistic relationship between a brand and its customers. When as a customer, you receive instant reply from a service provider; you are likely to use its services more often in future. And as a marketer, when you value your audiences by allowing them instantly act on their preferences, you get higher grounds of interests to scale new heights.

Rapidity – Blazing fast for a super effective communication

Within a few seconds, an SMS is sent, read and acted on. Bulk SMS is therefore highly considered effective by marketers. The rapidity gives SMS an edge over means of communication.

Other than these, there are many other reasons for which bulk SMS is getting world-wide popularity among its targeted set of audience

  • Affordable – Saves money yet targets very well defined set of audiences
  • Low cost high ROI –Considering the returns that you receive using bulk SMS service, it can be reasonably concluded that it is super effective.
  • Integration with other marketing campaigns – One of the most effective reasons for using bulk SMS for marketing is that it can be easily integrated with other marketing campaigns thereby allowing marketers to multiply the returns they expect to yield from an existing marketing initiative
  • To the point and precise – An SMS is not an essay or a story. It is a short, effectively composed, and targeted message, which does not cost enough time to read and neither usually requires high-class intellectual effort from recipient.

By the open rate, speed and flexibility, low cost and high ROI, personalization, highly targeted features; it can be reasonably said that bulk SMS are the golden means of high class marketing. Successful brands are silently using this as one of their most useful marketing strategies. Should you want to reach targeted set of highly defined audiences who matter, it is always important that you think about integrating bulk SMS campaign into your existing marketing strategy.

With professional service provider such as BroadNet, who offers high quality and effectively defined bulk SMS solutions, you can reach out to a broad set of audience holistically.