It’s Halloween already, and that provides you with a great excuse to run Halloween specials. What better way to promote them than with SMS? 

Your customers will be looking for spooky holiday-related items and websites that promote the holiday in a fun way. This provides you with an opportunity to pull your SMS marketing ace out of your sleeve. Now you should be brainstorming and thinking of ways you can leverage your brand with all the creative innovations that SMS marketing brings to the table to exploit the season to the max for spooky sales. To help you along with this we have come up with ten creepy ideas to maximize the terror this year with holiday sales.

#1 Facebook -> SMS

Use social media platforms such as Facebook to advertise a Halloween special, promote it with SMS marketing. Encourage your SMS list to come and like your page, and in so doing, offer them free shipping when they order from your website during October. 

#2 Send Mysterious Questions 

Use Halloween as a good excuse for market research with SMS. Use an SMS marketing platform to send spooky questions about website purchases your customers have made. This way you can gain more insight into their likes and dislikes. Then you can make a company or promotional changes accordingly. Never known to fail!   

#3 Free Treats 

Direct your attention toward up selling to your customers via Halloween trinket giveaways. You could give away free treats or costume accessories when they buy two or more items. Most Halloween themed give away items are very inexpensive so why not?

#4 Live Social Media Event

Send details to clients on your SMS list encouraging them to attend a live social media event. In the event tell your customers to expect random door prizes for responding. Doing this will turn out to be an excellent way of obtaining market research about your client base.  

#5 Ghost Tag

If you operate a store, host a scavenger hunt. Tag certain items with a ghost tag that contains an SMS number they text in for a special deal on that object. It will encourage your customers to come by and claim multiple deals. Also, this will create an interactive environment that will be very appealing to customers to take part in.  

BroadNet seeks businesses’ success by its well-developed SMS marketing strategies and tips.

Never let a good holiday go to waste! People are in the mood for fun, games, and promotions. Your creativity combined with the seasonal atmosphere can incorporate these themes to take advantage of this in many different ways. These are just a few ideas off the top of our heads that can be great ways to utilize your SMS platform campaigns to help your company this time of year. If you can think of other spooky specials, just let us know. Feel free to share scary stories in the comments section below. Try BroadNet NOW!