The Islamic holy month of Ramadan is a wonderful time for spiritual reflection, prayer, connecting with communities, offer help to the needy, thanking God for the strength that he gave, spending valued time with friends, and family members. Most importantly, the sacred month brings one closer to God.

The month of Ramadan is a great time for brands to communicate and connect with their customers. According to a report published on Entrepreneur , in anticipation for Ramadan, consumers expect to spend over 50% more on goods and services, during this holy month, the household expense shifts towards groceries with the latter making up 22% of monthly budget.

According to a report published on Think with Google, “According to Google data, during Ramadan people watch more YouTube, perform more searches and access the internet on their mobile devices more frequently. However, brands continue to invest heavily in traditional advertising channels during the holy month, despite the fact that advertising costs skyrocket and chances of making an impression plummet.”

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Therefore, given the increased demand, consumption and significance of the event; businesses can boost their sales and make loyal base of audiences by developing a holistic strategy to connect with their audiences during the holy month.

When it comes to benefitting business using SMS marketing, the opportunities are unlimited

During this time, people spend more time on their mobile – thereby making it relatively simple and easy to reach to them quickly.

During the time, when sales is high and foot falls see a steady increase in stores; a business might need to bring a balance between its sales and employee schedules. If a business needs to connect with its employees quickly in order to meet an emerging sales situation, it can simply send the entire team bulk SMS and thus get quick responses rather than waiting to hear from them.

Ramadan is when families meet, celebrate together. Restaurants and shops can use promotional offers to increase footfalls into their shops by sending bulk SMS. Even online stores can promote their products and services using promotional offers conveyed through bulk SMS

Using discount coupons is a great way to let your customers visit your stores. Other than these, businesses can use SMS gifts, loyalty programs etc to increase their sales during this holy month.