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Facts that prove the importance of SMS in marketing

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Why more and more brands are readily opting for SMS marketing? Why is that marketers are so much more concerned about using a logical mode of marketing and why they are turning more to SMS? This blog details the reasons; with introduction to a few facts – which reaffirms the belief that SMS marketing is one of the most useful mediums of communication. Read on, and for any query; please feel free to comment on the blog.

SMS marketing is the talk of the town. It has always remained at the centre of attraction and limelight. Despite the availability of smartphone and other modern devices, SMS marketing for its content and format has remained and continue to evolve – making it one of the most sought-after mediums of communications for brands.

Whether you are a bulk SMS reseller or a company looking for an increased footing with SMS marketing solutions, you can have endless opportunities to grow, succeed and sustain in this world using the help of SMS marketing. Please read on, the power SMS marketing possess, and certain facts that will reassure your firm belief in this form of awesome marketing.

If it does not convince you, what else will? 90 Percent of SMS text messages are usually read within a just 3 minute’s time. This is a very important fact about bulk SMS marketing. The statistics throw light on the reach of SMS and how because of its format and the urgency it creates; it remains as one of the most sought after marketing mediums.

Open rate for email is around 22% whereas; open rate for an SMS is around 98%. This is a very vital statistic. The more people read an SMS, better value does it create.

Mobile offers are a very interesting case study in point. When you use SMS marketing as a means to send out shopping coupons, these offers are more likely to be used 10 times more than the printed coupons.

Now, read this – Majority of the people who use their mobile phones regularly for carrying out a number of activities, it is natural to speculate that they would almost always be not ready to live without the hand-held device. It constitutes an integral part of their daily life.

Bulk SMS marketing campaign – when carried out – keeping in interest these dedicated smartphone users, it is very likely that a brand message necessarily reach them ; thus making the campaign successful.

On the top of the above-mentioned facts, please be noted that mobile advertising spending is growing at a steady height. It is estimated to reach $200 billion mile mark by 2019.

A good number of people are opting for a brand’s text messages for a number of reasons. According to a report, these are the most vital reasons why people opt in to brand’s messages –

– Coupons or deals (77%)

– Personal alerts (50%)

– Being in the loop (48%)

– More meaningful content (33%)

– No need to visit a physical location/website/app for information (31%).

However you choose to use bulk SMS marketing, you can necessarily grow to new heights. The more logically you use the channel, and better are your entire strategy; quicker becomes the entire process of marketing a brand’s message.

Given, all these facts; it becomes a very important and factual matter that SMS Marketing has become very crucial in modern -day marketing. The values it generates, and the precision of the message it achieves by sending timely, and important messages to dedicated base of audience; it is priceless.

These are some of the reasons why you should always consider bulk SMS marketing or if you are a Bulk SMS reseller; looking for new ways to grow your business, you should as well look around for a trusted platform.

The market is populated with so many service providers who provide bulk SMS marketing solutions; but when it comes to choosing a platform – either as a business owner to popularize your brand message or as a SMS reseller – you should almost always be defined about your needs. Crucially choose your service provider – based on a few core deciders. Please find below a few of the core deciders that help you with bulk SMS solutions provider.

The platform needs to be simple, and effective – with all the necessary functions and features thoroughly enabled

The company that offers the bulk SMS marketing platform needs to be experienced in the industry – with a trusted portfolio of record

Always be sure of the terms and conditions and avoid provisions for paying anything extra in the name of hidden charges

Look around for reviews. People or companies who have found the service of a company not so good or worse – bad, they would have already wrote about it in order to caution any potential victim. This is why please visit review websites and make sure you learn about the service provider.

As their website states “Broadnet has a state-of-the-art and effective mobile platform which is guaranteed to offer a direct, real-time and riveting experience for users and SMS is just the ticket to put your message across them. When it comes to either acquiring or dealing with business critical content, passwords or push marketing, the company has the answer for each of these of your business concerns.”

Broadnet works as a reliable company – offering top of the mark messaging marketing solutions. If you are new to SMS marketing and want to learn more about the benefits offered by this marketing, please contact Broadnet. If you want to resell Broadnet’s Bulk SMS solutions under its SMS reseller, please visit their website. Broadnet is known to offer state of the art services to its clients using holistic range of solutions. Using Broadnet, many companies have so far been able to reach out to new set of audiences effectively. You can contact the company for more understanding on SMS

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