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Below we have added a whole bunch of example sms marketing text message for takeaways and restaurants. Feel free to copy or adapt any of these to suit your needs.

Your chefs may be superstar cooks, but if you can’t get people into your restaurant, how will you be able to treat them to your world-famous chili crab curry and some other delicious dishes.

To be able to get people to come to your restaurant or order from your takeaway, you need to be able to do 2 things;

  1. Communicate with them
  2. Persuade to them that coming to you or ordering from you, is the best option for them

The first one is easy, just send them a simple text message. With 98% of all text messages being opened and 90% being read within 3 minutes, Bulk SMS is the perfect marketing channel to communicate with customers, knowing that your message will be read almost instantly.

Being a restaurant or takeaway, knowing that your message will be read as soon as it is sent is vital. 

They are all 160 characters or less, so will only cost you 1 credit to send.

Remember to put your specific opt-out code at the end of each marketing message, by clicking the ‘Stop’ button, so customers can opt-out if they don’t want to receive your messages anymore.

Sales and Marketing

25% off on delivery & collection orders this weekend when you spend £15 or more at FastPizza

Don’t feel like cooking tonight? Then let us do the cooking and enjoy a night out – we will even wash the dishes! Book a table now

Delivery and Notifications

Thank you for placing your order with Peking Duck. Your order will be ready for collection in 30 minutes.

Your order has now been canceled and we have refunded you. If you have any questions, please call us on 01234567890.

Good news! Your takeaway is on its way… We hope you enjoy it and look forward to hearing from you again soon

Personalized Messages

We like your style, Chloe. Your 3 large pizzas, garlic bread, chicken wings, and 1 liter Pepsi are being prepared. To view your order visit

Hi John, we haven’t seen you for so long. We hope we haven’t lost you, so here, have 40% off your next order. Hope to see you soon

 With all said above and all the examples, you can now be sure that bulk SMS marketing can help you run your restaurant perfectly.

Bulk SMS marketing with Broadnet Technologies gives you an outstanding bulk SMS experience in which you can gain more customers to your restaurant as well as retaining those who are always loyal to your offerings. Broadnet technologies highly advise you to start now with bulk SMS marketing to keep your business growing in the market. 

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